Feel the Last Bit of Summer

Before we say our temporary goodbyes to Summer, let’s feel the season one last time through some of the hottest songs of 2016 Summer.

In case you haven’t noticed already, the traces of summer are slowly disappearing.  The cool winds are starting to smear into your skin, and with that your body feels the exotic chill… the sweater weather is coming.  Gone are the days of rolling around the grass under the warm sun.  Gone are the days of indulging fully in laziness.  
So before we say our temporary goodbyes to Summer, let’s feel the season one last time before we let go.  Here are the seven hottest songs from the 2016 Summer.

1. The Chainsmokers – Closer (ft. Halsey)

How can you not know this song.  With the “hey,” you find yourself immediately singing along to the lyrics “So baby pull me closer…” This song has it all: the catchy and varied tune, the easy-to-sing along, and the unique voices of the artists.  No wonder it was the biggest hit this summer.

2. DJ Snake – Let Me Love You (ft. Justin Beiber)

This song doesn’t seem to meet up to the expectations that people usually have for DJ Snake and Justin Beiber.  The chorus is pretty catchy, and good to follow along.  Maybe with a little variation in the tune could have made this song a greater hit than it is now.

3. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In The Name Of Love

This song just seems to describe the peak of the summer.  The slow, steady build-up till the EDM tune makes the anticipated chorus more exciting and engaging.  The chorus part, though repetitive, has such great tune to it that you will immediately find yourself singing along to a lyric-less melody.

4. Jonas Blue – Perfect Strangers (ft. JP Cooper)

The unique beat will slowly start you moving in the beginning.  As these beats build up to the chorus, the song becomes more sprightly and energetic.  Jonas Blue, the renown UK singer, seems to meet up to his high reputation as an artist.

5. Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For (ft. Rihanna)

This song as much as it belongs to a house EDM genre, stays loyal to keeping the listeners at an euphoric mood.  Certainly, a one time song.  The choppy, but easy-to-sing-along tune immediately engages the audience at once.

6. Hailee Steinfeld & Grey – STARVING (ft. ZEDD)

Hailee Steinfeld’s voice does it all.  The rhythmic beat puts your body into dancing mode before you even realize it.  The two artists convey an intriguing yearning for love by incorporating fresh, playful tunes with the EDM beats on the chorus.

7. Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore (ft. Selena Gomez)

It’s strange how a sad story can turn into cheery beats.  Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez’s voice seems to blend in so well and in such a unique way.  The two singers sing with little energy in their voice but the tune itself is so addictive and catchy.  Ironic, but well done.

Before we let our moods get droopy from the nostalgic season, autumn, let’s celebrate the last remaining days of summer to the fullest with these songs.

– Eunice Na (’17)

Featured Image: sincerelystefie.com

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