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Superheroes, superheroes, superheroes. Whether they be from Marvel, DC, or any other franchise, there’s no denying that superhero movies have dominated movie theaters today. What’s the secret, you may ask? There’s something in these superhero movies that just clicks for everyone and anyone. Comic book nerds, everyday moviegoers, adults, children, you name it – there’s just something amazing about watching a man in a cape and red undies or a billionaire in a robotic suit save the day time and time again.

Marvel and Fox have been churning out their Avengers and X-Men movies for years, and DC’s recently entered the party with their release of Man of Steel in 2013. We get to see comic book pages spring to life, with all different types of super-powered characters joining in everywhere. The superhero craze is here to stay, and it’ll only get bigger as more and more movies are released in the upcoming years.

There are a LOT coming. Brace yourself.

1. Dr. Strange (2016)

The next movie in Marvel’s lineup is Dr. Strange. Starring the beloved and charismatic English actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Steven Strange himself, Dr. Strange is the first comic book superhero movie to focus on the mystic arts of the universe, which include energy-binding spells and reality-manipulating powers. Dr. Strange is said to be the next Marvel superhero movie to truly shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its introduction of mysticism and parallel dimensions. The hype for this movie is booming, and we’re anxious to see what Marvel can pull out from under its sleeve.

2. The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

This next movie is somewhat of an anomaly. The only 3D computer-animated movie on this list, The Lego Batman Movie is a direct result of the positive responses to The Lego Movie released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 2014, which also featured Batman as part of the main cast. With Will Arnett voicing Batman, the humour that we enjoyed in The Lego Movie is definitely going to be twice as heavily featured in The Lego Batman Movie, as shown by the truly comical trailers of the movie that have been released to the public so far. The plot of The Lego Batman Movie isn’t clear as of yet, but who cares when you can watch a Lego Batman run around Gotham City, putting away bad guys with a plethora of unique gadgets? Oh, and did we forget to mention that the entire movie is in LEGO?!

3. Wolverine 3 (2017)

Possibly the end of Hugh Jackman’s famed portrayal of Wolverine on the big screen, Wolverine 3’s plot is also unknown. However, there are rumours that “Old Man Logan”, a version of Wolverine who’s grown quite old (despite his healing factor) and tries not to kill anyone with his adamantium – or vibranium, whichever you comic book nerds and movie fanatics want to call it – claws. We’ll certainly miss Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and we grow more and more excited to find out how Wolverine’s story will end!

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4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

After the unexpected success of Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, James Gunn has returned to direct its sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, projected to be released in 2017. Hopefully we’ll see more of the dancing sapling (hint hint). The second Marvel movie to focus on the cosmic elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mainly on the universe beyond the Earth’s mightiest heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will reportedly reveal Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) mysterious father. Again, this upcoming movie’s plot is relatively unclear, but we definitely hope to laugh at the abundance of humour and story that we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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5. Wonder Woman (2017)

We loved her superhero debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last spring with her outstanding soundtrack; Gal Gadot is finally getting a full solo movie in 2017 in the upcoming movie Wonder Woman! The Amazonian member of the Justice League Triad (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) will participate in the First World War, and the trailer below shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 depicts just how outstanding the visuals will be in the upcoming movie. Let’s admit it: we’re mostly looking forward to the action scenes, and the supposed trench battle looks like it’ll blow our minds away. Keep yourself updated on this sword-and-shield wielding demigoddess’ upcoming movie!

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Another Spider-Man, you may ask? The Spider-Men depicted on the big screen have gotten younger and younger with every remake, and this one, portrayed by Tom Holland, is certainly no exception. Making his debut in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, this version of Peter Parker is only 15 years old, and Spidey’s action scenes in the movie reminded us just how enjoyable Marvel can make its characters, no matter how often they’ve been shown before. Spider-Man: Homecoming’s title seems to represent how we feel about Spider-Man on the big screen: we’re eager to see a truly comic book-accurate version in Marvel live action, and we’re sure that we won’t be disappointed with this upcoming movie!

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7. Thor: Ragnarök (2017)

Now this is a movie that comic book fanatics will be drooling all over their seats to see! Thor: Ragnarök will be the Norse/Asgardian god’s third solo movie after Thor in 2011 and Thor: The Dark World in 2013. We’ve seen him fling that unpronounceable/unspellable hammer Mjolnir and fly around different worlds, fighting bad guys all the way through. Like how Captain America: The Winter Soldier shook the Marvel Cinematic Universe (this was as spoiler-free as we could get it), Thor: Ragnarök will reportedly have universe-shattering moments throughout, including a supposed cameo by an armour-clad gladiator Hulk! Yes, folks, you heard that correctly: gladiator Hulk may be suiting up and fighting alien monsters on an alien planet with alien weapons! Gladiator and Hulk were just used in the same sentence! If that’s not enough to get you to the movie theatre in 2017 when this film is released, then you need to redefine your standards of awesome.

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8. Justice League (2017)

Finally. This is the moment in comic book/movie fan history we’ve all been waiting for: the Justice League is coming to the big screen in live action for the first time. That’s right. We’ll get to see Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as the Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg. That’s a heck of a lot of comic book stars right there, and every single one of them will appear in Justice League in 2017. Despite the relatively negative responses to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (we’re softening it up quite a bit), our hopes and support are still there for Justice League. Don’t ever call it “DC’s Avengers” to DC fans; it’s the quickest way to start a heated argument between superhero fans that you really don’t want to get in the middle of.

9. Black Panther (2018)

Chadwick Boseman’s debut as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War was nothing short of brilliant. He has all of the charisma, strength, and relatability that the Wakandan – a fictional, technologically advanced African nation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – king needs to dominate the big screen, leading Marvel’s charge into 2018. Essentially nothing is known about the plot of this upcoming movie, but after Chadwick Boseman’s performance as Black Panther earlier this year, we don’t think there’s anything to be worried about.

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10. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

In 2018, we’ll get something even bigger than The Avengers, even bigger than Captain America: Civil War, and possibly even bigger than Justice League. Avengers: Infinity War is supposedly going to be the ultimate culmination of Marvel’s films right up to this very movie. The story will reportedly be split into two parts, but still have more than enough substance to fill two movies back-to-back in 2018 and 2019. Not much is known about the plot, but the big purple alien – last seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 – who’s been observing the Marvel Cinematic Universe all this time will finally get out of his chair and do something for once. With nearly every character that Marvel’s put to screen coming together, including both films and TV, there’s absolutely no way that the releases of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 and its sequel in 2019 won’t become huge – and we’re talking HUGE – blockbuster events for both superhero fans and everyday moviegoers alike.

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The second decade of the 21st century is a good time, to say the least, to be a superhero fan, whether you support Marvel or DC. Of course, the age-old rivalry between Marvel and DC will still exist, and probably become an Infinity War (pun absolutely intended), but hey, that just adds to the fun!

– Daniel Park (‘17)

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