Humans of KIS Returns

Introducing the unique inhabitants of Korea International School, soon.

As you scroll through your Facebook news feed, something catches your eye, in fact a familiar face and a compelling quote. You bring your mouse closer to the profile picture to get a better look, then click! It reads, Humans of KIS.

It was two years ago, precisely one year and eight months ago… Humans of KIS was established. This project was initiated by one of our alumni to “introduce the unique inhabitants of Korea International School.” This alumni brought his/her camera to school everyday to encounter a moment or a person in KIS worthy of a shot. And since then Humans of KIS has been one of the few steadily-loved KIS Facebook pages. Every now and then, a candid portrait of a human of KIS alongside a brief yet authentic quote was uploaded by Humans of KIS and did too garner attention.  All students, teachers, and staffs were subjects of these photos..

These rather spontaneous photos and lines were subtle yet effective. Giving those who do not attend KIS a glimpse of our lives, but more so providing the people in KIS, us natives, an opportunity to at once take a break from the routine-like views and look around, allowing us to realize the presence of many others in KIS or perhaps listening to an unvarnished story of a face we’ve never run across in school. Or simply leaving traces that we can later come back to and embrace anew.

Let us revisit our most cherished memories captured by the lens of HOKIS!

August 11, 2014 

Mr. Drake

PC: Humans of KIS

“How would you describe today in one word?”


August 25, 2014 

PC: Humans of KIS

“What’s your favorite thing about your hamster?”


“Is it cute? Is it fuzzy?”

“He sleeps a lot…”

August 29, 2014 

Yoonki Jin (’18)



“What’s the one benefit for being a freshman?”

“Being able to use the fitness center after school!”



September 5, 2014 

Alumni (’16)



“Any plans for the Chuseok break?”


November 14, 2014 

Olivia Hajung Kim (’16)

PC: Humans of KIS

“Congrats with the great performance! What do you feel when you’re on stage?”

“I lose myself. I lost Oliva.”









January 20, 2015

PC: Humans of KIS

“Each day I see at least five lost items. But don’t worry. They are all here.”

February 4, 2015

Hannah Park (’16)

PC: Humans of KIS

“What makes you happy?”

“When I help other people to improve or achieve something better.”


May 21, 2015

PC: Humans of KIS

The last String Concert of the year 2015 was a blast. Great sound, great expression, great harmony. Well done Strings. Well done Mr. Sobalak.

(We still can’t believe that it was his first performance on stage.)




August 7, 2015

PC: Humans of KIS

The Era of 2015-2016 is about to begin.

Today, the Class of 2019 attended the orientation. Thank you Link Leaders, Student Council, and NHS for such a heartfelt welcome.

Welcome back, welcome home!


September 7, 2015

Jaye Ahn (’16)

PC: Humans of KIS

“Why is senior year enjoyable?”

“I’m only smiling through the pain. :)”






November 21, 2015

Elizabeth Lee (’18) & Jadyn Hyun (’18)

PC: Humans of KIS

“It feels different not sitting on the middle school steps everyday after school, I miss going down hill everyday but not up the hill.”

“Hills are our specialty.”








 January 20, 2016

Michelle Park (‘16)

PC: Humans of KIS

“How do you feel about your last cheer season coming to an end?”

“There are times I just want this season to be done with, honestly speaking, because preparing and choreographing a routine for KAIAC is so stressful and time consuming, but then I think about the amazing moments I’ve had with my team this year like celebrating birthdays, having competitions on who can scream “let’s go phoenix” the loudest, and sharing mandoos during halftime breaks and then I realize I don’t want this to end. It’s so surreal that this is my last season but I’m glad I got to spend it with the team I have.”



Having reminisced these bits and pieces of memories from the previous two school years, we can come to recognize the power of these traces, these memories we all shared neatly stored in the shelves of HOKIS.

Now you head to Facebook to check out the Humans of KIS Facebook page, give it a like, and scroll…

But judging from its lack of recent activity or even its extremely late last upload, you may think, has HOKIS died down already? You may think, Elvis has left the building.

Then, what was this all for?

It was to tell you all that Humans of KIS will return shortly. So next time when you see a camera at school, fear not!

– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

Featured Image: Humans of KIS

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