The Chainsmokers: Allegedly “hacked” Twitter acount

Fame finds its way to everybody, at some point in their lives.

The Chainsmokers. They’re as overexposed as they can get as of now. Their 2014 song “#Selfie” was what started it all, continuing with their debut EP, Bouquet, in the month of October last year. However, they didn’t just stop there. Their singles which followed this EP such as “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” also called for huge amounts of attention, both reaching top 10 on the Billboard charts. Their newest single “Closer” featuring singer Halsey has been played so much so that there have been memes created and tweets tweeted about their recent overexposure.

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The Chainsmokers themselves also (of course) know of their sudden increase in popularity, especially amongst teenagers, ss signified by a tweet on Alex Pall and Drew Taggart’s joint-account (@TheChainSmokers).

However, perhaps fame has gotten to them. On a recently published Rolling Stone article written by Jonah Weiner, Alex Pall shared his opinion on Lady gaga’s single “Perfect Illusion,” which he summarized using merely two words: “It sucks.” Of course, they’re entitled to their own opinions. If they don’t like Lady Gaga’s music, or anything, for that matter, nothing can be done about it. Nevertheless, as professional producers, Pall and Taggart are also responsible of acting like one.   Of course, Lady Gaga didn’t just let this slide. A week later, she publicly tweeted about her new album Joanne in the following tweet, directly calling out The Chainsmokers.  

When The Chainsmokers replied to this “subtle” roast with a rather peaceful tweet. It seemed as though everything ended well. Though there was no apology included in their reply, they didn’t begin a fight between themselves and Lady Gaga.

Well clearly, we’ve been proved wrong when Halsey tweeted about her support towards Lady Gaga’s newly released album:

Twitter: @purpleknees

Once again, Taggart unleashed his immaturity on Twitter, which, mind you, is a public social media platform. Though his tweet was deleted after 30 seconds, a screenshot remains on the web to this day. Then believe it or not, he had the audacity to claim the following:  

The following tweets (all of which are now deleted from his profile) were tweeted after alleged “hack” claim:

PC: Buzzfeed

Was Taggart’s account actually hacked, or was he just tweeting random things to make it seem like he was hacked? After all, there are receipts that show his claim is fake:  

Whatever the truth is, we’ll likely never know. Celebrity feuds like this happen all the time, and it’s usually due to ones that are too immature to have a public social media account. Perhaps this is all just for publicity’s sake. Maybe The Chainsmokers are not what they seem like. As much as we need to acknowledge the fact that celebrities are just as human as we are and that they’re nowhere near perfect, there’s a line that must be drawn between accidents and pure rudeness. Will this affect The Chainsmokers’ future career? After all, they’ve recently announced their soon to be released EP, Collage. Will their short-lived reign fall? I guess we’ll have to wait it out.

– Leona Maruyama (‘17)

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