7 Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Be productive, relaxed, and entertained this Thanksgiving break!

Yep, I know what’s going on. You’re in your room, at your desk, trying to study. After all, we’re pretty much drowning in a pool of summative assignments: tests, projects, you name it. It’s like teachers purposefully plan on making a specific week a hell week for students to suffer. But fear not, because Thanksgiving break is coming up soon. November 24th, a Thursday, is a half day, and we don’t have school the following day. A 3.5 day holiday; just what we need. Don’t waste this time off just like you did with your entire summer break. Here’s a list of 7 things you can do during the holiday to make it the best, and most productive one you’ve spent yet.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

Ah yes. What everybody intends on doing over break, but ends up cramming Sunday night. Let’s not repeat the same mistake over and over. Start on Thursday and get over the workload so you won’t have to suffer contemplating whether you should watch that TV show you’ve been wanting to, or finishing the AP chemistry lab you’ve been putting off until the last minute. It’ll make life so much easier, and you won’t be the last one staying up among your group of friends.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

This is a continuation from the whole school work thing. Whether we decide to admit it or not, finals are coming up pretty soon. It’s so weird; the year’s already coming to an end. Cramming for an exam is the worst thing you can do, so you should low key start studying during the break. And I don’t mean start making an entire study guide for US History or AP Biology. You’ve probably forgotten a lot of the things you’ve learned at the beginning of the year. Flip through a couple of pages per night so you’re not completely doomed mid December.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

Treat yourself. A spa trip is a great way to fully recover from the disastrous amount of schoolwork you’ve been enduring. Although it might end up being quite pricey, if not now, when? You deserve a spa trip, no matter how much it costs. So get a friend to join you on a majestic journey to a super relaxing spa. You’ll feel all ready to go back to school on Monday, and less I-want-to-die-please-take-me-home like the rest of the school.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

You’re probably going to be doing this anyway, but still. Don’t be sleeping in until, what, 3 P.M., because you’re basically wasting your precious time off. You could be doing so many things instead of staying under your warm covers (that does sound great, though). But you don’t have to wake up at 6 A.M. either, because that’s for when you go to school. Recharge during this Thanksgiving break and make sure to get lots of sleep before going back to school.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

Everybody loves baking. Cookies, brownies, muffins…what more can we ask for? Eating those baked goods is one thing, but actually being able to make them is another. Since you have lots of free time over the break, consider learning how to bake. It does nothing except benefit you, and maybe you can use your new super cool baking skills to seduce “the one”.

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

There’s lots of must-watch movies out at the theaters right now, and you definitely don’t want to end up torrenting them. There’s just that something about watching movies on the big screen with your popcorn and drink. Laugh at the funny moments, and cry at the sad ones; go reserve a seat at your favorite CGV/Megabox theater!

PC: Crescentia Jung (’19)

A sleepover has been long overdue for all of us. It’s no longer like middle school when we used to ask each other who we “like-liked” or when we thought staying up until midnight was so cool (but ultimately failed). However, this Thanksgiving break is definitely the best time to catch up with your friends and talk about anything; basically life in general. You won’t regret it!

To be honest, I’m already finding myself counting down until the moment school ends on Thursday so I can go straight home and take a nap until the next day. Stay strong, because Thanksgiving holiday is so close; we’re almost there!

– Leona Maruyama (’17)

Featured Image: Made by Crescentia Jung (’19)

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