Bye Bye JJs

Snippets of information about the new catering and our thankfulness to JJs for their hard work.

We go to other schools such as Chadwick and SFS only to find their luxurious lunches. We open the repeated Snapchats of the perfectly placed pasta on their luxurious plate only to find our soggy pasta. Let’s admit it; we look over at other’s schools meals and feel jealous. In KIS, it has become a “joke” to call JJ’s “good.”

The never-ending complaints by students, promises by leaders, and persistent arguing between the PTO moms have worked. We are finally replacing JJ catering. Pat yourselves on the back, because we’ve done it, KIS.

But is this really what we wanted all along? Even with the thousands of complaints, JJ’s has tried to improve its food system by providing extras, getting feedback, and coming up with new courses that are popular here in Korea. In fact, many people find the replacement  bittersweet. The friendly smiles of the JJ’s staff were always a big part of KIS. We have unceasingly denounced the quality of the food, claiming it was too bland or salty, but we need to realize that the JJ staff members are trying hard. So take a moment to thank the staff members for their dedication for all these years with the amount of insults they had to take in.

After this spring break, a new food catering from Hyundai will be coming to KIS. Selected students were able to get a taste of the new food and from their response, many people are excited for the new change. This new food catering has 3 courses: pasta, korean, and western. While a meal from JJ’s costs around 3,500~5,000 won, the new catering’s meal is rumored to cost around 5,000~7,000 won. . The new food catering claims to have salad bar at all menus, a DIY sandwich, 1-2 kinds of Fruits and etc.

Even with the thrill students have for the new catering, a lot of students express their dejection with the replacement of JJs.


“I’ve been going to KIS ever since 4th grade and I always remember excitingly waiting for school to end so that I could run down to the cafeteria for a cookie. To have to say goodbye to all those memories is like saying goodbye to such a big part of my childhood memories even though it may sound depressing that getting a simple cookie was so important to me.

The recent upgrade in menus for JJ’s brought back an opportunity for me to run to the cafeteria like my 4th grade self again, anxiously waiting in line for a snack. There were times when I wasn’t a 100% satisfied with the food, but we should be aware that the staff worked all day to give us food so that we could get energized.

The saddest moment was when I went to grab lunch during autonomous block and one of the staffs came up to me and my friends and gave us yogurt and simply said “please don’t forget JJ’s!”

  • Tiffany Namkoong (‘18)


Even with our everlasting desires of a change in catering, will we be happy with the new food or will we keep complaining?

#RememberJJs #ThankYouJJs


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JD Choi (’18)

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