5 Reasons Why Change Is Necessary

Change is paramount in some situations.

Let’s face it, change always sounds so nerve-racking. We were often told to establish ourselves into that commonplace phrase, “go with the flow”, we are subject to question how transformation is such a natural part of life and the human evolution. This is a given; it is something inevitable, yet very manageable at the same time. However, how come many of us tend to digress more towards the behavior towards resistance, while not even realizing that change itself is constant? So are unexpected changes essentially bad? What if all of the so-called changes cycling throughout life were deemed good by default?


Many people like to stay within their comfort zone, and for good reason. Even something as little as taking up a small daily challenge stirs up that feeling of disruption, alarm, and uneasiness, whereas our bodies naturally yearn for soft spot of security. But in the end, change happens to all of us, a logical part of life that everybody goes through. When we take time to reflect upon the natural environment, we begin to observe very complex patterns going through stages of transitions in life. So while some change may indubitably be acceptable, sometimes we end up with disruption-type adjustments that certainly don’t feel welcome.


On a much happier note, embracing change is not as difficult as people may perceive. Once you start looking into the inherent nature of change itself, you’ll be able to notice the many benefits that follow.


  1.    Change triggers growth

Each change is a turning page, the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. They may force us to adapt to conditions we’ve never set foot in before, but it does also bring new beginnings and excitement to life. It also acts as a major impetus of personal, social, psychological, and professional development.


  1.    Change challenges your values and beliefs

Embracing change involves the steps of re-evaluating your beliefs and virtues. Although this might sound a little scary at first, if you’re open to accepting new challenges, you may find to take away something important. Otherwise, change might just be able to strengthen the currently existing belief system, instead of a whole new transformation. Either way, you would feel more empowered.


  1.    Change unveils your strengths

If you force yourself to avoid changes at all cost, you might never be able to recognize youre true strengths and weakness, as the measure of your own capabilities will be inaccurate. It is true that not all changes are necessarily pleasant ones, but it’s life – life is prone to sad things that occur daily as well. Yet, it’s the overcoming tough times that will help you gain a stronger sense of self.


  1.    Change disintegrates routines

Routine really depends on how someone interprets it. It may be an everyday regimen like brushing your teeth and making your bed, or things that can leave you in a helpless rut, a potential cause to depression and immense stress. By disbanding some of the routines that take place in your daily life, the changes that will pursue remind your brain to stay active and channel your inner thoughts to refocus on more positive thought arrangements.


  1.    Change leads to new opportunities

Mutability in the way you live your life, even in the slightest method ever dreamed possible, can present new surprises that ultimately lead to the domino effect. This provides more options, which in the end, creates a broader perspective of seeing the world. Altering the main life pattern might seem something terrifying at first, but it is important to keep in mind that with these newly established assets, you can be satisfied with a more fulfilling, authentic lifestyle.


In a nutshell, people who believe they have achieved some security by doing the same, familiar things just might be living in denial. Even those who think they are pushing away change will finds themselves unable stop the world from constantly shifting form. Of course, like any new skill, learning to accept change takes some time. However, it is, after all, handy to keep in mind of all the powerful impacts that change could bring – not only on your own life, but on the lives of those around you as a whole.


– Ashley Kim (’18)

Featured Image: Celine Yoon (’19)


Author: Ashley Kim

I am in the KIS Blueprint club.

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