Is it Underrated?

A question that arises in the field of every sport: are girls’ underrated with sports?

Precise. Control. Accuracy. Pass after pass. Kick after kick. The perfect measurement of the foot in collision with the smooth ball creates a crisp pop sound, an indication that the ball was satisfyingly kicked. As the net juts back to receive the impact of the spinning ball’s force, the buoyant  sound of the crowd joins the huddled team’s celebration cheer. GOAL. The scent of dirt and grass lingers on the uniform and the constant concentration on the twenty white and twelve black hexagon designed ball for 80 minutes straight. The nostalgic scent brings back the nostalgic memories in the legacy that the girls have created for the past few years.

Korea International School Varsity Soccer. The girls’ and boys’ teams have started off strong with 1-0 win from boys and 6-1 win from girls. Despite the outstanding performance of both teams, it seems like this statement always pops up: the girls won with more goals, because it was easier for them. But what’s the difference? The teams both play soccer, right? But the crowds and cheers are definitely bigger for the boys’ home games than the girls’. The girls may complain about their practices or bruises, but people question the girls, expressing doubt. “Do you girls run more suicides than the boys? I don’t think so.” Or “You girls don’t even get hurt during soccer games, but the boys are always on the ground.”

So, is the girls’ soccer team underrated? Let’s hear some opinions from people within and outside of the soccer team.

Do you think that the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated? If so, what makes you think that?

“Personally no. The girls rarely lose any games…”

  • Ricky Seo, goalie for Boys’ Varsity Soccer (‘18)

“Although I often can’t make it to the games, I hear little bits and conversations about them. Most of the time, they are about the boys’ physicality and how that resulted in yellow cards, but I never hear about the girls. However, when I look at the statics during yearbook for the girls’ soccer games, it shows surprising results of consecutive wins.”

  • San Yun (‘18)

“I think it is kind of underrated because 1. They have a winning streak, but no one really says much. There is no news about the girls games and results. In general I just think that the girls should be advertised more.”

  • Yerina Kim (‘18)

“I do think the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated. Many factors contribute to my stance, but the most principal would be the fact that we are girls. Soccer is a worldwide popular sport, unrivaled by any other. However, when we discuss the term “soccer,” there is an unexpressed but obvious message: ‘men’s soccer.’ Whether it be founded on a historical or physical background, women in sports have faced derogatory remarks, often being compared to men. And the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team was not an exception. You often ask KIS students and faculty if they are coming to a home game or not, and the response you get is not a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but rather a question of who plays first, girls or boys? Why does this matter? They both play “soccer,” right?  I think it should take on a new meaning. The relative performance does not depend on gender but of skill. This season, girls have been performing extremely well setting records such as 7:1, 6:0, and on. It is time for the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team to take a new meaning for the KISians.”

  • Jee-In Kwon, a defender of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team (‘18)

“Yes, I think the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated. Despite the fact that the girls were undefeated and 1st place for both KAIAC, Korean-American Interscholastic Activies Conference,  conference and tournament, our team is still not as known as other sports teams in our school. Even at home games, people either only stay for the boys’ game or don’t even come on the days girls play first, thinking that girls soccer game is not worth a watch because it will not be “fun”. I hope people recognize our team’s hard work. Our next home game is on April 19th against GSIS and I encourage all of you to come and support our team!”

  • Alice Yoo, a defender of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team (‘18)


The question also rises in the professional field where men and women have a contrasting difference in pay, safety, and etc.

So although you may have not witnessed the girls do those belly-diving headers, rabona, or the roulette, just know that’s not what makes the game: it’s the teamwork.

That being said, please come support the girls AND boys at the last home game on April 19th!

Featured Image: Sydney Rich (’18)

– Tae- Young Uhm (’18)


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