Vacation Idea: Boston Museum of Fine Arts

As we start making reservations for the upcoming summer vacation, where are some places that we could go? Check out the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the fourth largest museum in the United States…

After countless tests, quizzes, assignments, and then the daunting AP Exams, we all need a break and need to rewind during Summer Break. So the question is: where should we go?

According to numerous scientific studies including the US National Library of Medicine, art has rehabilitation effects and is one of the best forms of media that can be enjoyed by a wide group of people.

Already making reservations and arrangements for going on vacation during the upcoming Summer Break here’s a recommendation of a renowned art museum in Boston.

Known as the Museum of Fine Arts, the museum is the fourth largest museum in the United States. The art gallery contains more than 450,000 works of art and is the 55th most visited art gallery in the world. For more information such as locations or accommodations nearby, please refer to their official website:

Having been to the museum myself, I can say that one of the best features of the art museum is how neatly the collections are organised. Organised quite comprehensively by time periods, some of their highlight collections includes the French Impressionist and Post Impressionist Collection and the 18th and 19th Century American Art. The American Art collection has especially received more attention due to the Room in Brooklyn piece by the one and only, Edward Hopper.

Apart from their usual collections, the Museum of Fine Arts also opens special exhibitions depending on the time of the year. The current featured exhibition is Past is Present: Revival Jewelry and the exhibition will be shown until August 19, 2018. The exhibition displays different pieces of jewelry from archaeological, Classical, Egyptian, and Renaissance periods.

If you ever get a chance to go to Boston during the summer or even in the upcoming Spring Break, make sure to check out the Museum of Fine Arts!


PC: Claire J. Lee (’19)
PC: Claire J. Lee (’19)

– Claire J. Lee (’19)

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