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Some simple apps and tips for you to stay on task for the last two months of the school year!

The dreaded months of May and June, contaminated with AP testing and finals, are right around the corner. Every grade will have their super nerve-wracking moment towards the end of the 2016-2017 school year that are constantly terrified by nightmares and updates from “naggy” parents. Especially with procrastination that has been your enemy over the past few years, you are worried as time is ticking faster and faster towards the final two months.
There’s only a limited time to cram all of your information for finals and AP exams, and you’re finding it hard to study at cafes or at home without constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Trust me, we’ve been through it all. Try out these hopefully helpful apps and tips to procrastinate less and “keep your head in the game.”


Self Control
Self Control is a free app that helps you avoid the websites that cause distractions, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, drama websites, or Youtube. With a click of a button, you can limit yourself to these websites for a certain amount of time which you can choose.

Calendar Device
A free device that’s already a part of both iOS and Android devices! Type out all the exams you have and set up reminders for certain important dates.

When iProcrastinate became unavailable, a lot of people were worried about which app to use to keep track of themselves. Make WunderList your next “iProcrastinate”!They offer the same function that allows you to make a list of all your priorities, and of course the best part is that under each item on your list, you can write down even more specific notes to remind you.


1) Don’t procrastinate.
Of course when you’re in desperate needs, you have no choice but to study from the moment you wake up to the exact moment your eyes can no longer stay awake. But, from that experience, learn a lesson that you need to start early with studying! Try not to wait till the last minute. Many people say that “working under pressure makes diamonds,” but studying earlier gets you in a more relaxed zone. Plus less stress!

2) Give your phone to your parents.
When the time of APs and finals arrive, as soon as you return home, give your phone to your parents where it’s completely out of your reach. Over time you would want to check your phone; yet you will have no choice but to ask your parents who will hopefully help you stay on task.

3) Take a quick nap!

Studies have shown that naps between 10-20 minutes are the best. Longer naps may result in sleep inertia or period of laziness. Naps between the minutes of 10-20  are proven to increase your energy and concentration. These 10-20 minutes power naps won’t be enough time to fall into deep sleep which makes it perfect to wake up in time to study for 1-3 more hours.


Follow these tips and apps to get ready for test season!.  Good Luck, just remember that we’re nearing towards the end!

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