Splash Revolution 2017

Learn more about Splash Revolution this year… (hint: it was lit)

On 12 May, 2017, the KIS National Honour Society held its annual Splash Revolution at the school soccer field. Seeing people having loads of fun was extremely fulfilling because being a member of NHS myself, I know that much effort went into planning and setting up the appropriate equipment for the event. Starting from several weeks back, NHS started getting into small committees to prepare for the event by brainstorming fun booth games ideas and making sure that the club had all the materials they needed. And of course, as usual, the event was a huge success!

Like last year, NHS teamed up with the Tri-M club to provide food at the event. Many students were famished after running around the soccer field and it was great that there was a small, cooling-off area where students could dry off for a bit and enjoy treats that varied from pizza, chicken nuggets to soft drinks and other cool snacks. Other booths in the game were, for the most part, hosted by NHS and sold water guns, buckets, and water balloons for several marks on the wristband which acted as currency throughout the duration of the event. Personally, I would highly recommend getting the water buckets as they are the most efficient for pouring water on people. However, the edges of the plastic buckets are a bit sharp and so if you do get water buckets next year, be careful!

The main attraction of Splash was the big pool at the centre of the soccer field. Connected to a big, inflated slide, many students enjoyed going on the slides. In addition, because the main pool had the coldest water, many students used the water in the centre pool to refill their water guns or buckets. In most cases, students enjoyed dunking someone entirely by throwing them into the big pools. Many students and faculty member alike were dunked (very many times too).

One of the main highlights of Splash this year were the teacher announcements. After around twenty minutes, NHS members started announcing the teachers who had arrived at the soccer field and now “free” to be targets. Mr. van Moppes, Mr. Poullard, and Mr. Quirin all received announcements and unfortunately, it may have turned out to be a somewhat rough day for them. The students had some fun perhaps exerting their stress of previous “unfairly” graded assignments and other bad grades…

Overall, Splash Revolution was a huge success this year and as this is my second Splash experience, I think it safe to say that Splash gets better every year. Within NHS, we have a survey system where members comment on what went well and what aspects of the event need to be improved. Using this feedback, I think NHS is doing a great job improving the event every year. Looking forward to Splash next year!

-Claire J Lee (’19)

Featured Image by Crescentia Jung (’19)

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