KIS Faculty Relationship Idiosyncrasy

A (definitely) unique list of humorous quirks that make KIS faculty members’ relationships interesting and different.

Let’s face it; how many high school sweethearts do you know actually ended up together? It’s difficult for two individuals to sustain a relationship, especially if it’s long distance (which the probability of two students in a relationship ending up in the same college or even the same region after high school is incredibly low). However, obviously, I’m not here to be pessimistic about how there is no such thing as happily ever after’s. After all, you never know if the person you’re with is the one who you’re meant to be with – your soulmate, if you will.

Relationships are confusing, annoying, but also rewarding at the same time. Moreover, it’s just nice to have someone who will always be on your side, right by you. There may be no single way to make whatever it is you have with your significant other last forever, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to get to know some faculty relationship idiosyncrasies! Buckle up, because you’re about to step into the world of teachers they don’t usually tend to share with students – what they’re like outside of school with their significant other.

Mr. & Mrs. McKelvie

IMG_8029 copy
PC: Sebin Kum (’17)

“Mrs. McKelvie is the head chef for all dinners while Mr. McKelvie is her assistant in the kitchen. However, Mr. McKelvie does all the baking (cookies, banana bread, pizza dough).

Mrs. McKelvie is the driver for all tandem scooter rides. While Mr. McKelvie is the navigator.”

– Mrs. McKelvie


Mr. & Mrs. Bunting

PC: Mr. Bunting

“I make fun of Mr. Bunting for being waaaaay too specific with numbers. For example, we’ll be driving and he’ll say, ‘That truck is 6 car lengths ahead of us,’ or ‘My appointment is in 8 days’ instead of being general like most people would and saying ‘about 5 car lengths’ or ‘in a week’. When you ask the time he’ll say, ‘It’s 11:43’ instead of rounding up to 11:45. Must be the math nerd in him.

Mr. Bunting has a habit of not finishing drinks. He’ll leave coffee, water, soda, etc half-drunk sitting around our apartment, so I started singing, ‘Brian Bunting, beverage neglectorrrrrr’ at him like an old cop show theme song. I made it into a vibration pattern on my iPhone and now it’s his ringtone for when he calls.”

– Mrs. Bunting

“Here are two odd things that Mrs. Bunting and I both owned before meeting one another, and found out early in our relationship we both had in common.

Sock Puppet Portraits – There is a guy named Marty Allen who sells portraits of sock puppets in Union Square in New York City. He is a weird guy, but his products are really cute and make for good apartment decorations.

Vibram Five Fingers – You know those weird toe shoes that I run cross country in everyday?  Yeah, we both owned multiple pairs of those too.  I could never have married someone who doesn’t love a great pair of toe shoes.”

– Mr. Bunting


Mr. van Moppes & Ms. Chang

PC: Clare Kwon (’18)

“ 1. Toothpaste battle:

Ms.Chang cannot stand toothpaste being squeezed from the MIDDLE! It must be squeezed from the bottom so the tube is nicely squeezed, and to maximize the usage of the toothpaste! Mr. V LOVES to squeeze any part of the toothpaste BUT THE bottom. So, easy solution! We have ‘his and hers’ toothpaste.

  1. Packing and Unpacking:

Ms. Chang thinks through every situation for both her and Mr. V while packing for her trips. She packs for hours maybe days. Mr. V is ready to travel for two months in hmm… 10 minutes or less. After the trip…

Mr. V knows better than hanging around the house while Ms. Chang is unpacking after traveling. She HAS to unpack and organize EVERYTHING as soon as she is home, no matter what time she arrives home! The rule is to NEVER leave a packed luggage unpacked upon arrival.

  1. Coasters:

The rule in the CHANG-VAN household is to ALWAYS place your cup on a coaster!!! Mr. V always MISSES. The coaster will be RIGHT there, next to his cup!!! His cup is always placed just a few inches away. It seems Mr. V avoids coasters.

  1. Running:

We love to do everything together!!! Like we really really enjoy spending time together. No one else we would rather be with. We both run to stay in shape. But we cannot run together. Don’t know why, but just can’t.”

– Ms. Chang


Mr. Larson & Ms. Clarke

IMG_7482 2
PC: Clare Kwon (’18)

We love having game nights with friends, but no matter what team or what game… Ms. Clarke’s extremely competitive side comes out and she always ends up mad at Mr. Larson or blaming him for something in the game.”

– Ms. Clarke


Mr. Bryant & Ms. Kelley

PC: Clare Kwon (’18)

“Here are some of the things that we believe are quirky in our relationship:

– That I am a morning person and Ms. Kelley likes to sleep in because she is a night owl.  

–  Ms. Kelley is very adventurous with trying new foods, and I’m very picky.

– I like to watch a good movie, and she prefers to read a good book.”

– Mr. Bryant


There you have it! A (definitely) unique list of humorous quirks that make KIS faculty members’ relationships interesting and different. It is not to say that you and your significant other must have something exclusive happening amongst one another. Rather, it is to remind you that things are not always how they seem – your “ordinary” within your relationship can be defined as an idiosyncrasy to others. Plus, it’s fun to stalk teachers. Just kidding. Maybe.

– Leona Maruyama (‘17)

Featured Image by Hannah Kim (’19)

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