Changes to the School

Throughout the summer, there has been visible changes in the school. Although many people are aware of these changes, let’s review them.

It has been many years since KIS has had a huge renovation like the one over this summer, and surely enough, many people are amazed at the changes in the school. There were four main changes: the fitness center, cafeteria, convenience store, and the new 2nd floor (tech room). These major changes overall has improved the school environment with its new facilities.

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PC: Clare Kwon (’18)

The first change is the school’s new convenience store, H24. It is a popular facility in the school as it sells a variety of foods unlike the cafeteria. Running from 7:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, the store is another place for getting lunch as it consists convenient store food like sandwiches, kimbab, and dumplings as many students are enjoying the products daily.

“I think H24 has all the products a student needs or wants. I think they could add carbonated drinks like coke or sprite, and ramen.” – Juno Park (‘20)

“The products that they are selling all great, especially the ice cream and chips. But when I come during lunch, there’s just too many people, so, I wish that there was more space in the convenient store.” – Isaac Kim (‘19)

“I like the refrigerator foods that they are selling like kimbap as they have good amount of rice. Also, they sell school supplies which saves me time from now and then.” – Tony Chung (’18)

Many do enjoy the foods that H24 but many students such as Juno or Kevin Suk (’18) want ramen and carbonated drinks. However, according to the lunch ladies, the school declined as the school only wanted to sell healthy snacks. The new convenient store may not have all products to fulfill everyone’s wants but it still plays a significant role in the school as it is frequently used by everyone.

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Another significant change throughout the school is the cafeteria. The cafeteria tables still consist of the same tables and chairs but they have now changed the serving line as another area was created to serve western food. Also, they removed the windows between the hallways and the cafeteria, giving a modern and clean look to the cafeteria. Furthermore, Ms.Keller, one of the teachers who looks over the lunch lines, says that the cafeteria’s lines has gotten better as she specifically comments,We saw a new increase of the lines but we gotten better about our signage, using the ropes. Students kind of know where to go and expect where to go….In a couple months from now, we won’t even remember the long lines.” Overall, the new cafeteria creates a new modern look with faster lines.  

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Thirdly, another major change in the school is the 2nd floor of the high school building as the Spanish classrooms has been replaced with the tech room. It consists few glass rooms with huge open space in the middle, enabling students to move around. Surprisingly, the new tech room has been designed by two student in KIS who will graduate this year as it was originally a project assignment from the class, Introduction to CAD.

“Eric and I found this a great opportunity as both of us were both members in STEM related clubs and we were aware of the many problem that was posed upon these clubs or future generations. I could see how the school is using the space very effectively by not only making the students take classes there.” -Wooky Kim (’18)

“Wooky and I, spent months developing, researching, reworking, speaking with members of the board and reworking again as we had to match regulations, possibilities, safety, and reality, to be able to create what the second floor is today. The construction was extremely successful, and major design elements of our design was referred to, such as the fishbowl style rooms, a leisure area, and group work areas.” -Eric Park (’18)

As the new tech room has the modern workshop look, many agree that the environment of the classes in the tech room has improved. The new room is mostly used for programming and robotic classes as many of these classes needs open interactive space. Wooky and Eric’s new design has certainly improved the quality of KIS.

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Finally, the fitness center has been moved down to B3 and now faces the swimming pool. Many people were amazed at the new fitness center as the glass walls, as its newly arranged machines gave a new look to the gym. 

I think more students come to the use fitness center than when it was in the G building. From what I see is that teams from other sports come almost every day to work out and improve themselves, individually and as a team.” – Jacob Lee (’20)

“By making changing the location where many people pass by, it motivates many students and staffs to study during their spare time.” – Chris Dhong (’19)

“The new fitness center looks more organized and clean as it has more equipments and mirrors but sometimes it feels a bit crowded.” – Ryan Lee (’20)

Overall, the new fitness center has newly organized the place as there are more machines and mirrors, giving a clean look.  As many off season athletes has said, the new fitness center has certainly motivated more people to work out. 

There are more changes that happened over the summer as I have only reviewed some of the major changes from the school, and I hope that these changes takes our school one step closer to creating a better school and improve its school environment for all KISians.

– Mark Park (’20)

Photos: Clare Kwon (’18), Kyle Son (’20)

Featured Image: KIS Website

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