Busan Teenage Abuse Incident

The recently uncovered Busan teenage abuse incident has not only brought immense fury to society, but also has set a sudden trend in multiple teenage abuse events being exposed in various areas such as Seoul, Gangneung, and Asan. Why?

   Society has been struck with fury from the recently uncovered Busan teenage abuse incident. This issue is the main news flooding the articles and news broadcasts in Korea currently, with the citizens being left in unspeakable horror. Not only is the victim merely a 14-year-old teenager, the ones who assaulted her for over an hour were fellow classmates of the same age.  The girls, who had just only become middle schoolers, were caught smashing soju bottles onto the victim’s head, slamming down chairs, bricks, and pipes upon her body. They hit her continuously until her entire body was found to be completely covered in blood. There had even been over 10 witnesses, yet none of them took action to stop the assault.

Only leaving on undergarments on the victim, they forced her to plead for forgiveness on her knees for “having a disrespectful attitude”. The students continued their cruelty by taking photos of the victim after assaulting her, and sending them to their friends along with flippant comments saying:

“Do you think this is harsh enough…?”

“You think they’ll make me go to jail?”

The victim was in a semi-coma with her mouth and head ripped, the blood vessels inside her eyes pop, and 23 bones broken.

The blood loss was so severe that even with having blood transfusion, her blood pressure continued to drop. And while the victim has suffered through this unimaginable assault, the ones left her that way are unable to be punished by law just for the reason that they are “too young”. The fact that they cannot be punished even after having committed such an extreme, inhumane assault, has filled the citizens with untenable fury.

The victims quickly turned themselves in for this assault, however, during the investigation it was revealed that they had only gone after their friends told them they would be pressed against extreme charges if they didn’t confess now. It was also revealed that because one of the victim’s dad was a police, they were ensured to have the case quietly wrapped-up with no, or mild consequences.

This event alone has brought immense anger into society and yet the outrage is continuing to increase as after the Busan Teenage Abuse has been unveiled, similar teenager abuse cases committed by teenagers are being exposed one by one.


In all of a sudden.


After the case in Busan, similar teenager assaults by teenagers in Seoul, Gangneung, and Asan have been disclosed. The violence in all of these assaults go to the point where one could absolutely not bear to look at the graphic CCTV footage and what brings this whole case into even more outrage is that the reasons behind all this violence are extremely minor, such as being disrespectful or not giving the money that the perpetrators had demanded for.

The assaults of these teenagers that have been not revealed until now, suddenly being exposed is peculiar in the sense of how the police or news broadcasting sources had just let such extreme violence be shed away from the public until now. Yet, this particular Busan teenage assault set a spark for 3 more consecutive teenage assaults to be uncovered, nearly to the point where it seems that the news is “advertising” this matter in a negative perception. This trend on the issue of teenage assault under the same circumstances being exposed brings a suspicion behind the intentions of revealing this incident, both of the police and the news broadcasting sources. We can only hope that through this Busan teenage abuse incident will imply vital activity of society to raise awareness for such issues like this and prevent further crimes of this kind.

– Sophie Yang (’21)

Featured Image: hindustantimes.com

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