Varsity Tennis Teams are Back, Quarreling With the Weather

Join the Tennis Varsity Team on a flashback through try-outs and the first few weeks of practice!

The tennis team is often overlooked because the game itself doesn’t hold the “thrill” of scoring goals or the spirit of the crowd’s roaring cheers, but could YOU play with a ball that’s smaller than your palm that cannot come into contact with your body, all while battling against the weather everyday?

August in South Korea is notorious not only for the unmanageably hot and humid weather but also for the constant downpours of rain.  The tennis team’s quarrel against the fluctuating weather can be seen throughout tryouts and the first few weeks of practice.  

Let’s hear about the tryouts from the boy’s captain Sihun Choi (’19):

“Try-outs were an extremely hard choice as we saw so many talented players with promising potential and skill.  There were many new faces, and as the captain, I’m happy that more and more people are gaining interest for tennis and continuing for days under the intense heat.”

The team faced many mini adventures together because of the weather.  Practices got cancelled and the team headed to the fitness gym to work out, but then piled on the bus and rushed to the tennis courts once the rain had stopped.  The rain began to fall right upon arrival at the courts, and the 23 players, managers, and coach scrambled to huddle under a tree to find shelter from the raindrops.  From spending half of practice cleaning and scraping rain water off the tennis courts to dealing with water-soaked tennis balls that would not bounce, the tennis team truly is determined to fight against the rain.  

When the team isn’t battling the rain, they are busy keeping themselves hydrated in the sweltering heat.  As the rays of sun beating down on the heads of players, they give it their best to exert all their strength upon the ball to serve and swing.  This season, Coach Shanishetti is putting more emphasis on fitness training, and as a result, players display true dedication through running suicides in 34 degree weather.  Not only is there only one coach for both the girl’s and boy’s team, but overall both teams are very young.  This means the four captains hold a bigger responsibility than ever to lead the Varsity Team to success.   

Let’s hear what the players are looking forward to this season!

“I’m looking forward to the team bonding this year. Although the team is overall on the young side, there are a mix of unique personalities and talents that I’m super excited to get to know and see in action during our games!”

– Lauren Kim (‘18), Girl’s Captain

“In contrast to my previous year of being detached to the somewhat intimidating upperclassmen, I hope to utilize this year to create lasting bonds with both underclassmen and upperclassmen on the girls’ and boys’ tennis team.”

– Andy Kim (‘20), second season

“I’m looking forward to getting closer with every member of the team!”

– Vicky Lee (‘21), first season

All the members seem to be eager to get closer with each other through practices, games, and team bonding sessions.  Even through occasional disorganized practices, taking the bus to and from the courts everyday, and dealing with unpredictable weather, this year’s team shows an overload of positive energy and passion that will surely achieve their goals.

– Michelle Shin (’21)

Featured Images: Claire Yoon (’18)


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