A Spark of Spirit?

Join in for a recap of the First Pep Rally and an insight to our new Student Council.

Unlike the pep rallies in the past that were merely considered to be a “waste of time”, this year’s first pep rally had the whole 45 minutes filled with the laughter and energetic screams from all four grades. From the opening of student council’s dance moves to the song  “Red Flavor (빨간맛)” – Red Velvet to the hilarious headphone game and the game of charades, the pep rally had the gym packed with the spirited interaction of all four grades. The opening performance by student council members got all the grades pumped, with the officers killing their moves together, then the grade reps later joining in, getting the audience even more enthusiastic.

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The first game of the pep rally was the headphone game. The rules of the game is simple. There are four people standing at quite a distance apart from each other and the first person in line sees the word written on the sketchbook and shouts it to the next person in line. The next three people in line have headphones on, with music blasting in their ears. The only way to guess the word is by looking at the person’s mouth shape. It is a simple, yet difficult game to be successful in.

“WRECKING BAAALLLL” actually, it’s Krispy Kreme. “Squid ward?” No, the word’s cheese stick…

The hilarious headphone game had typical exhausted moans of high schoolers eliminated by the roaring laughter of the audience, as almost none of the contestants guess the correct word. Each mismatch of words got the audience even more intrigued in the game; the atmosphere creating a light, heartfelt feeling of  rare enthusiasm.

The next game, charades, is a commonly known one with simple rules in that one player sees the word on the sketchbook and acts it out for the other player to guess the correct word. To get the whole grade interacted, the rules were twisted in which instead of only one player acting it out, the entire grade had to act out the word for the person to guess correctly.

The typical bland reaction to these activities were nowhere to be found, as  everyone put themselves out there, both the players and the audience with each grade bonded with each other. The screams in a mixture of laughter and frustration brought hauls of excitement, overflowing the all of the gym with spirited energy. All grades simply enjoyed their time, seeing the pep rally as a sense of entertainment rather than a tedious mandatory school event.

“This was one of the most spirited pep rallies yet. ….[I] hope student council can keep this spirit up throughout the entire year.” – Ms. Manning

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the whole high school seem united in a pep rally, but I think today’s was was filled with spirit of everyone in that gym!” – Jisoo Huh (‘19)

After the successful first pep rally, student and teachers are having high expectations for the upcoming events of the year. This comes from the new student council was the group behind the success of the first pep rally.  Join in for an insight of the new student council, with the expectations and determinations of the officers and grade reps themselves!

Q: As the president of the new student council, can you give an expectation that you believe this year’s student council will be like?

A: -JD Choi (‘18)

Q: In what aspects do you believe that this year’s student council will be different from in the past?

A: This school year was full of changes for Student Council. Voting processes, roles, and foundation was all new this year with our new advisory Q! Not only that we are enhancing our traditional events (patio on fire, winterball, kgt, etc), but we are also bringing new events this year! Please stay updated with Stuco (follow insta, youtube, fb)! – Alice Yoo (‘18)

Q: What are your thoughts on the first pep rally in the perspective as a member of student council?

A: I think that the first pep rally was a huge success!! There was a lot of spirit and energy and that’s all Student Council asks for. I hope that the student body enjoyed it as much as StuCo enjoyed preparing for itttt!! – Jenny Chung (‘19)


It has only been a month into the school year and this is merely the beginning to the events student council has ready for us. And yet, there is no doubt that the upcoming events throughout this school year will be memorable in everyone’s high school year.

– Sophie Yang (’21)

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