6th Annual Korea Business Competition

A recap of the 2017 Korea Business Competition!

Saturday, September 16, 2017. It was not only a typical Saturday to take a break from another arduous week, but also a very important day for a vast number of students. From eight different international schools in Korea, including SFS, SIS, CDS, APIS, CI, GSIS, TCIS and KIS, passionate high school students gathered to participate in the annual event, Korea Business Competition, which was held at YISS this year. Ranging from 9th to 12th graders, participants strived to appeal to their judges with their business ideas that would succeed in the increasingly diversifying society in Korea.

Having spent the busiest part of the month preparing for this event, contestants focused on the prompt given: In an increasingly diverse society, create a business that is inclusive to foreigners in Korea. To briefly summarize the topic regarding the state of the unwelcoming diversity in Korea, as the size of immigrants entering Korea has been growing exponentially, the issue of foreigner exclusion greatly intensified as language barriers and disparities in tradition created displeasing boundaries. Participants thus had to originate a scheme to enhance the poor conditions of the settlers.

As for KIS, three groups were assembled to initiate a proposal according to the prompt. All three teams, fortunately, presented amazing results as two of our three teams were qualified to be a part of the five finalist teams. Ultimately, the teams were proudly placed second and third of the 2017’s 6th Annual Korea Business Competition!

PC: Amy Jung (’18)
PC: Graisy Ra (’19)
PC: Alice Kang (’18)

– Jennie Yeom (’20)

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