KIS Blue Ribbon Month

Recapping KIS’s Blue Ribbon Month!

Q: What is the purpose of Blue Ribbon month and how did it become planned?

A: The purpose of Blue Ribbon Month was to raise awareness about how prevalent bullying is not only around the world but in our KIS community. We decided to launch this initiative to prepare the school and our audience to watch this year’s fall play, In Our Own Backyard, because it carries several heavy themes. However, after more thinking and brainstorming, we realized that it was more important to raise awareness for and start efforts to combat bullying. Our team of stage managers and partner organizations GirlUp and Social Justice League helped make this campaign successful and we’re proud to see Blue Ribbon Month have some impact on the KIS community!!

– Jenny Chung (’19)


Interview with Students (actors)

Q: How were you impacted by being a part of “In Our Own Backyard”, a play that expresses the sensitive issues such as bullying, harassment, abuse, and death?

A: Honestly, I was able to recognize some of the actions that my friends took in normal life were part of the bullying. Whenever I’m with friends and I insult them as a joke, I have the moment of “oops, I shouldn’t have said that” and kind of apologize to them right after to clarify it was a joke. Being a part of IOOB, I noticed some of the bullyings that took place in our very very ordinary school life.

– Sammy Jung (’20)

A: For me, the play was about something a lot bigger than just bullying. It was about dealing with loss, impacting others, and moving on beyond our past selves. It challenged me to reach a new level of emotional maturity, and invest into a reality far from my own— that was the most difficult part. The cast & crew also shared an unprecedented bond, perhaps due to the emotional heaviness of the show.

– Jisoo Hope Yoon (’19)

Interview with Students

Q: What kind of emotional change or impact have you felt after watching the play or during Blue Ribbon Month?

A: Everyone undergoes the negativities of life, and human nature shapes and molds people in order to let them adapt to that latest standard of pain. After watching “In Our Own Backyard”, I caught myself viewing others with a significantly different perspective. Whenever I interacted with someone, I was able to notice that I had become more inquiring about their identity. I began to ask questions: Who were they when they were younger? How have they matured since then? What were the happenings that caused a growth in their maturity? Of course, though, it’s low-key creepy to ask them these questions right out of the blue, so I rarely ever do, however, this private consideration ultimately raised the respect I held towards every individual’s newest form of identity.

– Erin Park (’21)

Although the prodigious play has now come to an end, each student and our school community as a whole should continue ministering fellow students impacted by the shadowed bullying and, or abuse at school. The deeper meanings that this play has strived to draw awareness to must be continued to be censored with caution. Blue Ribbon month is also coming to an end, yet this should be the start for students to care for the small actions of bullying, abuse, or harassment. Those minor incidents could be ones that are dreadfully shredding a fellow student in fear, sorrow, and anger. Through Blue Ribbon Month and the play “In Our Own Backyard”, we hope this will impact students and our school community to be more mindful of these issues.

– Sophie Yang (’21)

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