Review of the Top 5 Ski Resorts in Korea

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Although winter break is over and school is in session, a trip to a ski resort with family and friends over the weekend can be a great refresher from all the work!  But when there are so many top-rated resorts across Korea, all accessible with a one to two-hour drive from Seoul, it can be a dilemma to decide which one to spend your weekend at.

As someone who has been to over ten different ski resorts in Korea, let me guide you through the perks and downsides of the top 5 ski resorts.  

5th: Alpensia


 The Good:

  • The ski resort itself is very large, with a variety of slopes for different skill levels
  • It is a five-minute drive from Yongpyong so you can spend a Saturday in Alpensia and a Sunday in Yongpyong

 The Bad:

  • The food is mediocre and quite expensive
  • It is far from Seoul, taking about 2 hours.

“I’ve skied here multiple times and although it’s smaller than its neighbor resort, Yongpyong, there are so many dynamic slopes.  My favorite is the longest slope, where the steepness of the slope continues to change!” – Sihun Choi (‘19)

4th: Vivaldi


The Good:

  • There is good lodging, with condominium style places to stay at a relatively cheap price  
  • A variety of slopes to fit your skill level

The Bad:

  • There tends to be a lot of people, especially on the weekends
  • The steepest slope is not very challenging, especially compared to other resorts

Our family’s go-to resort is Vivaldi and I always feel comfortable with skiing on the slopes as none of them are too steep or intense.  Although there are a lot of people on the weekends, there are multiple slopes ready for all the people!” – Julie Kim (‘20)

3rd: Welli Hilli  


The Good:

  • It is a good resort for people of advanced skill levels, as there are many exciting, long, and steep slopes
  • Not only are do they have an abundance of slopes, they have moguls and half pipes

The Bad:

  • It is quite far from Seoul, being about two hours away
  • The parking is not convenient, especially during weekends when there are a lot of people

“As a competitive skier, I feel like Welli Hilli is the most suited for my cravings of challenging and steep slopes!  At the same time, there is a slope for everyone, even if you’re a beginner.” – Jason Kim (‘20)

2nd: Konjiam


The Good:

  • It’s only 40 minutes from Gangnam
  • There is affordable but delicious food ranked the best out of all the ski resorts in Korea

The Bad:

  • It is very packed on the weekends and even on the nights of weekdays
  • The resort itself is quite small, with no steep slopes for advanced skiers/boarders

“Konjiam is the definition of short but sweet!  It’s definitely not very big but it has many slopes for many different skill levels.  It’s a great resort if it’s your first time boarding or skiing.  Oh yeah, the food is also the best!” – Claire Min (‘21)

1st: Yongpyong


The Good:

  • It’s the largest resort in Korea, with over 24 km of slopes!
  • There are slopes to fit every skill level, whether you are a beginner or extremely advanced.

The Bad:

  • It is 2 hours away from Seoul, comparatively farther away than other resorts
  • As it is the most renowned ski resort in Korea, there are always a lot of people

“There’s a reason why the 2018 Olympics are going to be held here!  It’s so big with the slopes being long and wide.  But don’t be intimidated because there are easy slopes as well.” – JJ Yang (‘21)

– Michelle Shin (’21)

Graphics by Crescentia Jung (’19)

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