Introduction to THE SOUND

Let’s admit it: music isn’t what it used to be.

Your old Spotify playlist is stale, the “Discover Weekly” playlist only recommends trashy pop songs, and you’re just too busy to spend a few hours on Youtube digging through old records. We’ve all been there.

That’s why we created The Sound. We cater not just to giving you a taste of new music, but also expanding your realm of audio entertainment.

Are you bored of listening to music through your phone? Do you want a new way to enjoy your favorite albums? Well, maybe you should consider starting a vinyl collection. But where do you even begin? Do you opt for the $50 Crosley players on Amazon? Or do you get a vintage one from the 70s? Where do you even begin to look for the records themselves?

Are you tired of the mediocre sound quality of your Apple earpods? Maybe you’re looking to invest, but there are so many options, and so many AP tests to study for. What’s the difference between earphones and In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)? Why does it matter how many drivers there are in one ear? And what’s the difference between passive and active noise cancellation?

Do you think you can do better than all your favorite artists? You should look into starting your own music career. Are you inspired by the “Bedroom Pop” playlist on Spotify, and how to make an aesthetic music video in the likes of Clairo or Mac Demarco? Where do you even start? How should you produce your own song? How will you gain a following on Soundcloud?

The beauty of music is that there are more questions than answers. It’s an endless, abstract, arbitrary plane of vibrations and frequencies that have been put together as a construct and medium of entertainment. And thus, it should be made clear that The Sound’s purpose is to ask you more questions than we answer. Ultimately, music is an incredibly personal, intimate experience; no one can tell you what kind of music to enjoy. We hope that with each new article, you’re at least one step closer to finding The Sound.

– Charles Park (’20)

Featured Image by Crescentia Jung (’19)

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