Phoenix basketball teams make history again.

Both KIS varsity basketball teams displayed victorious resilience at the AISA (Association of International Schools in Asia)  tournament, each bringing back plaques from Busan and Seoul. The tournament took place in Busan International Foreign School (BIFS) and Seoul International School (SIS) on February 2nd to 3rd. The boys won AISA championship, and the girls earned bronze medal.

Despite winning both games easily on Friday, 2 February 2018,  against BIFS and YIS, the girls experienced a heartbreaking loss at the semi finals against SIS by only two points. However, the team rebounded strongly against Yokohama International School (YIS). The game was intense as the girls were trailing until the unforgettable 4rth quarter, scoring 17 to 3 by Clare Kwon (‘18) and Hannah McCullough (‘18). As for the boys, in spite of a tough first day, the team won SIS and Chadwick to bring home the championship. Along with Andy Yang (‘19) hitting the big last three pointer, Danny Choi (‘18), Ryan Choi (‘18), and Juno Park (‘20) played impressively throughout the tournament.

The following week on February 10th, the girls traveled to APIS and the boys to GSIS for the KAIAC championship. Varsity girls finished their season with 3rd place, and varsity boys with 2nd place. Great finish!!

28822619_2076878279246614_1898600698_oLet’s take a look at several team members’ outlooks about the 2017-18 season!

Q. How did your last basketball season in KIS turn out?

A. This last season was the best season yet. I had a team that was hard-working and passionate, always willing to do the work necessary to be a great team. This

season wasn’t all about winning; it was about learning how lose gracefully, and come back stronger. Thanks to my awesome team and amazing co-captain, this was a season to remember. (Hannah McCullough ‘18)

Q. How did you feel about this year’s basketball season and team?

A. For me personally, this particular Basketball Season had a very different feel to it then other sports and activities that I was a part of throughout high school. The main reason behind this feeling was because of the strong relationships I had with teammates. I felt like each and every teammate in the team truly cared for one another and wished success for others. Although there were some ups and downs throughout the season, the team was able to stabilize itself and keep moving forward. This season was also very meaningful, because it was the last season for both of the coaches, Coach Ball and Coach Bryant. I feel like I was able to build strong relationships with the coaches and thinking that it was going to be my last season with them, it just motivated me to work harder and win for them. All these factors building upon another, the season was pretty successful as we managed to win two championships out of the three available. (Ryan Lee ‘20)

Q. What do you want tell the next year’s team?

A. If I could offer some advice to next year’s team, I would say to have fun but also to make sure to always keep your head in the game. Basketball is a sport that requires all members of a team to be giving their 100% at all times—only then can the team be successful. If you are always willing to try your best, I promise you that playing on our school’s basketball team will be an unforgettable experience. I’ve personally learned so much from working with such a passionate group of people and met so many new friends that have become important in my life through basketball. Don’t be afraid to get to know your teammates—they’re probably just as weird and funny as mine were and they turned out to be amazing people! I wish good luck to you all and I hope you survive through all the sweet sixteens!

– Jennie Yeom (’20)

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