Recap of ‘Batalla Lip Sync’

What is Batalla Lip Sync?

For the past few weeks of March, the world language department of KIS organized a new, but memorable event called the Lip Sync Battle to celebrate language learning. To expand knowledge of colloquial everyday expressions, to grow accustomed to the culture, and to improve speaking and listening skills, teachers brought together all language learners in the spirit of the language through music.

In groups of 3-5, students were assigned to memorize an entire song in their learning language to recite or lip sync during their performance. What’s more, there were three total rounds and even a prize for the winning group! Along with artistic slideshows and rhythmic choreography, students were all enthusiastically engaged in this a stress-free activity.

Surprisingly, the Lip Sync Battle was actually a trending American musical reality competition television series few years ago. A variety of celebrities paired up to perform in this weekly hit show. For two years, short video clips of top-star celebrities miming words to popular tracks have been viral on the Internet.


Highlights of the Event:

(La Marcha Real – Jennie Yeom, Ryan Lee, Jay Lee, Nicholas Park)

(Mi Gente – Minjun Kim, Mark Park, Alexander Han, Kevin Suk, Brian Lee)


What did you think about the first Lip Sync Battle event? What did you learn from this opportunity?

“I thought that the Lip Sync battle is interesting, yet I didn’t really want to do it as the crowd was very overwhelming. Lip Sync Battle is a very good way to see Second Language in a different aspect such as Pop Culture.” (Mark Park ‘20)
“The lip sync battle was a good opportunity to learn Spanish songs and new phrases that we did not learn in class. It also bolstered our skills in speaking Spanish faster due to the fast pace of some of the songs. Above all, the lip sync battle was an exciting and interesting experience that I wish every language student took part in instead of only the Spanish and French students.” (William Cho ‘21)

“It was a fun way to experience my GL and that of others. I learned many French songs through the entire battle–and even a few great Spanish songs. Hope this is a tradition that continues!” (Chris Park ‘19)

“I think that as the first Lip Sync Battle at KIS, it was very relaxed and entertaining. Everyone had prepared their performance so hard and each song was delivered so well. From this experience, I think that it’s important to have fun and interact with other students taking different languages, but it is also important to take in different culture and really aim to preserve the language at KIS, in Korea.” (Yonje Rhee ‘19)

– Jennie Yeom (’20)

Featured image: Jennie Yeom

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