Meet the Candidates: Eliot Yun

Blueprint is committed to restoring the issues and vision to the center stage of this election. We’ve reached out to all declared Student Council candidates to hear about their ideas for the next school year. All responses received will be published prior to the town hall, scheduled to be during lunch on Thursday, April 26 in the Mini-auditorium. This post is neither an endorsement nor disapproval of any particular candidate.

1. Why are you running to be the Media Relations Director?
Becoming a student rep for the junior class this year was my first year ever involved in Stuco. It’s taught me a lot about how Stuco is an organization that really tries their best to serve the school body. I wanted to help Stuco achieve greatness as well as widen my experiences with Stuco which lead me to the decision of running for an officer position.

2. If elected, what do you see to be your role in the Student Council?
I can see myself filling in the role of creating videos as well as posters that promote Stuco events throughout the year. I’d also take pictures at Stuco events to post on our social media accounts to share the fun moments that students had during our events.

3. How will you (better) use existing Student Council media outlets to match your vision for KIS and the student body?
Currently Student Council has accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram which are the big three in terms of media outlets. Stuco actually made a huge jump in terms of effectively using a variety of media platforms, with the fact that Facebook was the only major platform used, but I see room for improvement. I honestly think that the social media usage of Stuco this year was a bit repetitive—we saw the same poster for events three times. It’d be great if Stuco could create a more interesting experience with the social media platforms. Each media platform that Stuco currently uses has special traits and features that can only be used on their platform. Being able to use those features to create a diverse experience that isn’t boring would be a nice jump towards a great use of social media.

4. In which area do you think our school and the student body face the greatest challenge? How will you work with this challenge?
The student body at KIS faces a problem in that there is a slight lack in spirit. In no way am I ignoring the many people that do actually participate in spirit weeks, but the people that do participate are always the same people. If more people could gain interest in participating, the student body could become more whole and even create a more friendlier environment. The problem with Stuco is that spirit weeks have always been dressup-centric. We need to come up with different ways to incorporate spirit into the week to have more accessibility amongst the student body.

5. What is your secret talent?
Secretly, I’m really good at tickling people

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