Meet the Candidates: A recap of the Student Council Town Hall (April 26)

Duke Moon (11) and Jenny Chung (11) are running for the positions of President and Vice President (respectively).

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It’s safe to say that we’ll get unanimous approval for these two candidates.

The position of Media Relations Director is contested between Isaac Kim (11) and Eliot Yun (11). Both debated on the future methods of advertising.

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The debate between these two was interesting as Eliot peppered Isaac with insightful questions. Perhaps the most interesting one that Eliot asked was why Isaac was running for Media Relations Director instead of Community Outreach Liaison or Intramural Activities Liaison when the latter’s goal was to set up good communications with the school. Isaac responded, admitting that he was more proficient at communication with students than the faculty; thus, the position of Media Relations Director was more suitable for him.

Muchang Bahng (11) and Jiyeon Kim (10) are running for the position of Community Outreach Liaison. Interestingly enough, Jiyeon was one of two candidates who chose to speak first and ask Muchang a question instead of taking a question from the panel, making this exchange somewhat unconventional. Muchang had no previous StuCo experience, him being the only candidate not to have served in any StuCo position.

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Asked by Jiyeon, who said that a new opinion from someone not in StuCo about his vision for StuCo events, Muchang stated that it was too early to try planning, but wanted to incorporate the “service element” into those events. However, Jiyeon responded that it was more important to listen to people who wanted more service in StuCo events and increase communication with service learning so that KIS could be more successful through more partnerships and teamwork among students; such ideals, she said, could be promoted at the most basic level by increasing “hype” for the events.

Andy Kim (10), Alex Lee (10), and Peter Ha (9) are running for the position of Intramural Activities Liaison. Peter is the only freshman to run for an officer position.

Exchanges between these three candidates took more of a free form as they challenged each other with questions. For this section, the goals of each candidate couldn’t be discussed fully due to time constraints.

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Vicky Yoon is running for the position of Creative Director.

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The candidates’ speeches tomorrow will be very interesting, to say the least.

-William Cho (’21)

Blueprint is committed to restoring the issues and vision to the center stage of this election. This post is neither an endorsement nor disapproval of any particular candidate. -Ed.

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