Meet the Candidates: Peter Ha

Blueprint is committed to restoring the issues and vision to the center stage of this election. We’ve reached out to all declared Student Council candidates to hear about their ideas for the next school year. All responses received will be published prior to the town hall, scheduled to be during lunch on Thursday, April 26 in the Mini-auditorium. This post is neither an endorsement nor disapproval of any particular candidate.

1. Why are you running to be the Community Outreach Liaison?

Student Council is one of my favourite clubs along with my other clubs. Student Council is more than a club to me. I get to help the school/club prepare for school events and try to reach to the students with all the club members. I am running for Intramural Activities Liaison because when I read the descriptions of each role, this role grabbed my attention the most and I thought that this role suits me the best (if I manage to get elected). Also, I wished to be involved even more in the club work.

2. If elected, what do you see to be your role in the Student Council?

According to the Officer Election Packet, one of the intramural activities liaison’s roles is to “ensure student council activities are appropriately organised and operated”. So I think if I manage to get elected as a liaison, one of the role I would be doing would be to help the club to organize school events.

3. What makes you the best candidate for this position?

This year, I am the only 9th grader running for the election, which makes me the only 9th grader running for this position. I understand that if I managed to get elected I would be 10th grade and people could say that that is too young to become a liaison. However, I think with my strengths and passion for this role, student council, and the school, I think I would be capable of accomplishing the job. Also, I think with help and guidance from other members and examples set by previous liaison, I think with hard work, I would be able to accomplish the job. Finally, I am willing to prioritise this role and student council on top of my to-do list.

4.In which area do you think our school and the student body face the greatest challenge? How will you work with this challenge?

I think cannot think of students’ challenges that are in range of intramural actities liaison currently however i think if i managed to become a liaison of this role, i would be more aware of students’ concerns about the role.

 5. What’s a secret talent that you have?
Hmm… my secret talent… maybe organising and cheer team up?

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