Introducing the ’18-’19 Varsity Basketball Teams

Catch up with the two ’18-’19 Basketball Varsity Teams.

Jennie Yeom is the captain of the girl’s varsity basketball team. -Ed.

Although many began the tryouts in November, worrying about the large gap the departed seniors left last season, the week of tryouts was a chance to work with the new balance of players as up-and-coming athletes from the ‘22 class joined the varsity team.

In the girl’s varsity team, as eight members of last year’s team graduated, this year’s team is a group of young athletes: one freshman, four sophomores, six juniors, and one senior. It is an understatement to say that it is challenging, as both captain and player, to make up for the 8 graduated seniors. Ashley Woo (12), a veteran player, tells me that “many [members of the team] were worried in the beginning, including myself.”

However, what the team may lack in experience, the amount of energy put into each practice and game makes up for it, so everyone is hoping to build and strengthen their skills in the next few weeks before the AISA and KAIAC tournaments. Although the beginning of this season wasn’t the way some of the veteran members of the team hoped for, pushing each other together through a newfound sense of camaraderie is my ultimate goal. “I think this season has been working out a lot better than we were expecting,” Ashley tells me.

The boy’s varsity team is a gang of skilled players of familiar faces. Through the packed practice schedules, the team expects to get more familiar with the plays and develop their ability to work together. Here are what a few varsity basketball players had to say about the team:

“I think the varsity team is different. Most of the players were already part of the team last year so the chemistry is already established. I’m excited for this year” – Joon Lee (‘19)

“My first game as a varsity player made me nervous. With new teammates and new plays, it was hard for me to adjust to the new environment. However, with the encouragement of coaches and captains, I was able to perform well and contribute to the team, despite the lack of practice time we were given.” – Jay Lee (‘20)

To briefly summarize the team’s work in the first semester, the first home game was against GSIS on December 21. Both teams kicked off a great start of their KAIAC season with a 47:16 win for the girls and a 75:27 win for the boys. Then, they traveled to APIS and DWW for more victory with Phoenix at 3-0 in conference play. The following week, however, was tough against the Tigers. At Chadwick, while the girls fell a bit short, the boys got back on track with a big win.

After the winter break, there will three home games on tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday against Chadwick, SIS, and APIS, respectively, in the Phoenix gym. With the rematch against Chadwick on January 16th at 3:30pm, please come support the Phoenix athletes!

Keep up with our teams’ progress through Instagram (@kis_athletics) and cheer on the players during home games! Game schedules can be found here.

– Jennie Yeom (’20)

Featured Image: Diane Kim (’19)

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