Meet KIS’s Young Artist Group: JSL Entertainment

JSL Entertainment is KIS’s first ever entertainment group that quickly gained popularity among students. The two impassioned middle schoolers, Janghyun Lee (8) and Sean Lee (8) founded JSL Entertainment in the summer of 2018 and it’s now the home to music groups such as Everyone’s Generation and Boys’ Generation.

JSl Entertainment released its first music video, “Honey,” covering an oldie of the renowned singer and entertainment group executive, JYP. With its sappy rhythm and catchy lyrics, the music video did serve justice to the iconic song. The video has amassed 1,494 views and the majority of the comments appear to be from the HS and MS student body here at KIS.

The entertainment company is now back with another debut single, “Gee” under a newly-formed group, Everyone’s Generation. Everyone’s Generation is a gender-mixed music group with Janghyun Lee, Alina Cho, and Leia Jung.

In hopes of properly responding to the rising curiosity and admiration for this group, I met with four of its group members, Alina, Sean, Janghyun, and Tanishq.

So, let’s start with the basics, how was JSL Entertainment formed?
Sean: I asked Janghyun if he wanted to do music with me as a duo, and he agreed with my proposal and basically that was JSL Entertainment’s birth. We agreed on the name JSL and decided to recruit more people; it was our first expansion.
Janghyun: Yeah, basically it all started while we were messaging each other on Twitter, nothing fancy. Like, yo you wanna do music?

What are the groups under JSL Entertainment? Are you willing to take in auditions from students who want to be in these music groups?
For now, the most recently active group was Boys’ Generation.
Sean: Currently Boys’ Generation, Everyone’s Generation, and LUO, soon to have its debut.
Janghyun: Yes, we’re open to anyone willing to join
Tanishq: Yes, we are willing to take auditionsJanghyun: In fact, we even have an audition form which you can find on our website

Can you talk about your new single, “Gee?”
So “Gee” was actually my dream project ever since I started JSL, as I’m a big fan of SNSD (Girls’ Generation). It was originally supposed to be a Boys’ Generation project, but since the other members didn’t want to do it because it was too “girly,” I decided to make Everyone’s Generation as a sister group. It was kind of embarrassing wearing skinny jeans and dancing at Homeplus, but I feel like it was worth it. It’s my childhood song, after all.
Alina: Yeah, it was really embarrassing to wear skinny jeans and dance in Homeplus. But it was a really good experience to sing, dance and be a part of JSL.
Janghyun: Yup, we just got almost 800 views in 4 days.

How does each member of JSL Entertainment contribute to the making of music videos?
Sean: we fight for the best option, ‘cause we lack employeesJanghyun: The filmer is actually different every time, we just take whoever is available. Philip Park filmed Honey and Emily Roh filmed Gee.
Tanishq: Each member is either videographer, an actor, or lyrics, or editor.
Janghyun: I edited both videos and do most of the promotion on social media.
Sean: I taught Tanishq how to pronounce Korean and taught the dance of “Honey” to the rest of the members.Tanishq: Thanks, Sean. Hey, Janghyun taught me.
Sean: I perfected it.
Janghyun: Okay..okay..

Are you guys open to a JSL Entertainment fan club?
Janghyun: Lol, of course, that would be nice.
Sean: if there are ACTUAL fans.
Tanishq: I’m not sure about that. I’ll let Sean and JH answer that.

With JSL Entertainment’s platform, what kind of message and influence do you guys want to spread?
Honestly the reason why we started JSL was that it was our passion to sing, dance, and make music. We just wanted to have fun. And I hope everyone else is encouraged to do the same, whatever their hobby is.
Sean: I am thinking of ([this is] the first time I’m revealing this) producing and releasing a song dedicated to the 100th year of the March Movement and the establishment of the Korean temporary government on March 1st.
Tanishq: We want to send a message of whenever it is, however it is, and whatever it is, music will always help you through your hard times, especially K pop. Music is the only thing that will change according to you. That is why I bought into JSL Entertainment.
Janghyun: Yes, as Sean said, next time we will be back with JSL’s first original music.
Sean: We all have different viewpoints for this question, mostly why we fight due to our different fundamental vision of JSL.
Janghyun: But I think our passion to keep making music, whatever that may be, is the same.
Sean: Although I wouldn’t think that parodies are “making” music.
Janghyun: Yes, if you actually witnessed Sean and I debating about JSL, it’s really hilarious.
Tanishq: I would know that especially *ahem.*
Janghyun: Here we go again…
Sean: You are witnessing what we do every day: talk, criticize, fight, repeat. Since we are friends, we get personal.

Hannah Jo (’22)

Featured Image: JSL Entertainment

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