What to do in Sydney, Australia

Visiting Australia but don’t know what to do?

Koalas. Kangaroos. Platypus. These are some common things that people say when they think about Australia. However, in addition to these unique wildlife animals, Sydney is known for its various tourist attractions, ranging from the Sea Life Aquarium to a revolving tower restaurant. If you are ever visiting Sydney, here are some tourists spots recommended by someone who was born and lived there for over a decade:

  1. Climb the Harbor Bridge

Fill your stay in Sydney with some adventure by taking on the harbor bridge. With three courses available, you can choose which route to climb in order to meet your venture needs. Whether it’s the original three and half hour course where you climb to the top, you will find a path just for you. With a balance of flat walking and ladder climbing, this venture will make you afraid, happy, and thrilled. With the best tour guides climbing with you till the end, you will experience the unique Sydney experience with great views and sightseeing from the top.

2. Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Unlike other aquarium, the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium brings you the most singular creatures of Australia. Whether it is the long crocodile or the classic sea creatures, this place will get your young curiosity rolling. If you are ever with kids, make sure to ride the penguin ride, which will take you through the penguins on a boat!

3. Wild Life Sydney Zoo


Experience the raw beauty of Australia through the wild life life zoo that has all the classic Australian animals kangaroos, platypus, and of course koalas. With a balance of indoor and outdoor experience, you will experience the wildlife of Australia. You will also be able to cuddle a Koala in the koala zone or take a photo of one of the largest crocodiles on land.

4. The Rocks Market

A classic go-to for my family anytime we go to a new country, visit the Rocks Market where they sell variety of home-made crafts, arts, and of course food. Whether it is buying a freshly made bubble bath soap from one of the nicest couple in town or purchasing, there are always some vintage or modern clothes and souvenirs you can get.

5. Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant


Want to have a family dinner AND see the city of Sydney all in one go? The Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant has got your back. Here, you can enjoy a nice buffet ranging from western to asian food as the platform moves 360 degrees. Make sure you don’t put your hat or bags on the side though- you’ll lose it!

6. Chinatown

Every major city has a Chinatown. However, the one is Sydney is richly dense with the most delicious food from every Chinese cuisine you can think of. Whether it is the home made bubble tea or seafood, you can grab a perfect dinner with your family. You can also enjoy the daily performances at the intersection.

Of course, there are so many other places in Sydney to go. It is no doubt that walking in the bustling city of Sydney will give you the ambience of the country. However, the tourist attractions I have listed here will give you a thrilling experience that you will remember for a long time.

—Sarah Se-Jung Oh (’19)

*All photos were taken by author, unless otherwise noted in the caption.

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