Meet the Candidates: Arthur Park

Arthur Park (’23) is running for the position of Activities Liaison.

Blueprint is committed to restoring the issues and vision to the center stage of this election. We’ve reached out to all declared Student Council candidates to hear about their ideas for the next school year. All responses received will be published prior to the start of voting. This post is neither an endorsement nor disapproval of any particular candidate.

1. Why are you running to become the Activities Liaison?

I think that the Student Council has always been something that I wanted to be a part of. The thing I love most about the Student Council is being able to organize and execute a well thought out plan. I started my Student Council career in middle school when I became an officer for the 2018-2019 school year. Going into this position, I had the vision of just trying out the Student Council for a year and getting the feel of what it’s like to be part of a club like this. However, I instantly fell in love with the job. I loved interacting with younger students, teachers, and my fellow 8th graders during that year and we all bonded with each other. In middle school, I gained experience on how to make digital posters to promote school spirit and events and also learned how to plan out the specific events or activities the Student Council was going to host.

Moving on to high school, through being a grade rep I learned a lot about how activities are planned out and posters are created. I entered a whole new world and sector of the school where events were held on a larger scale and were executed with a clear plan. Now that I’ve experienced what the level of expectations is for the high school student council, I want to take my abilities to the next level by trying out for an executive position in the HS StuCo.

The main reason as to why I chose to run for the Activities Liaison is because I like to plan, organize, and manage different activities. I really enjoy planning out activities and making events fun and interesting for everyone. Furthermore, I also like managing and organizing everything. This made me want to try out for the Activities Liaison because I can manage clubs, and organize activities in order to promote school spirit and take care of problems with clubs and deal with club leadership opportunities. I feel passionate and connected to every aspect of this job which is why I’m running for this position this year.

2. What do you see to be your role in the Student Council?

If elected, my role in the Student Council will be to communicate and gain knowledge on how clubs are created and run. I’ll also have to be in charge of the general planning of events and activities and make sure everything goes smoothly without interruptions. As the Activities Liaison, I want all events and clubs to be able to do what they should have been doing all along. To give their members more opportunities to become more involved in the club. So many times I see clubs not being able to do what they want to do because of the lack of money. Due to this financial problem, even the best ideas from clubs need to go through a long process in order to get more money. I want to solve this as the Activities Liaison and come up with a plan like a monthly google form that can speed up the process clubs can get financial support from the school. This way, the clubs can truly focus on providing more chances for their members to make an impact with the club.

3) How do you plan to promote new clubs and lesser-known clubs?

I think that the biggest challenges new clubs face and lesser-known clubs face is people questioning the impact of the club on them. Some students look for fun clubs where they can play with their friends and relax. Others look for clubs that can shine on their college application. For too long, students have been trying their hardest to join the most competitive academic clubs like MUN or Varsity Forensics because they think that these will help them get to the top universities they want. Of course, to some extent this is true. However, I want students from all grade levels to realize that joining a new club is also a wonderful chance. You can develop new ideas to make your club more well-known, and go through struggles to create a stronger and more well-known club overall.

My plan is to create a social media page on Instagram and Facebook to promote these ideas and lesser-known clubs. This will also be a space specifically for clubs to promote themselves. I will also create a clear outline for all the clubs to just write on. This will look like different sections like “Impact of your club” or “Backstory” to get more people interested and willing to join new clubs or lesser-known clubs. I will additionally support these clubs with the policy objective I’ve mentioned in the previous question where I will create a system so that all clubs can get financial support from the school. This, of course, depends on what the money is used for, but overall, the process will be much more efficient and effective than the system we use now. I strongly support my point about clubs providing more chances for their members to become involved in the club of their choice instead of having to worry about money problems. Let the new ideas blossom without worries again!

Besides my plans to promote new clubs, we should address a big problem I want to solve being part of the general officer team. The biggest problem in KIS is students from different grades not being able to bond and get to know each other very well. Sure you might know a few students from every single grade but I think that this should change. What KIS needs is more community bonding. Meeting new people helps us feel more connected and comfortable within our community, regardless of which grade you’re part of. I propose a plan to create a sports day of sorts where students from all different grade levels come together as a team to play sports against other teams. This way, through physical activities that require communication as a team, students from every single grade will be bound to form strong connections with students from other grades. This will help us connect any exposed gaps between grade levels and will help us create a more connected KIS family for the future of KIS. We’re better when we’re all together.

4) What makes you the best candidate for this position?

I believe that my experiences in the Student Council and the debate team are what give me an upper edge over the other candidates. I have a sufficient amount of years spent in the Student Council to run for this position. However, I would like to focus more on the aspect of being part of the debate team.

I’ve been debating for about four years now and this really fueled my passion to make changes. Through being part of the debate team, I learned a lot about current issues that impact people all around the world. This relates back to our school. There are many problems with clubs and activities running smoothly. Through debate, I’ve gained the confidence and ability to stand up for strong solutions that can help solve these problems.

One of the main points that I want to make here is that I don’t believe just the six executive officers should be making all the decisions on activities and events being held in school. There is a pretty good chance that someone in the entire high school would have a really good idea on maybe a new activity or event that can be enjoyed by everyone and promote school spirit. Hundreds of brains are always better than six. If I’m voted into office, transparency wouldn’t just be a policy objective, but a right I will be guaranteeing everyone. We will have weekly updates on plans the Student Council has, and not only that, we will open a survey that will allow the student community to suggest topics and activities be viewed and discussed in our meetings.

5) What is a secret talent you have?

A secret talent that I have is I can type the word “meow” about 150 times consecutively in one minute. With no errors of course. I’m not sure why I chose this as my secret talent. It sounded interesting in my head but as I’m typing this I’m becoming more and more doubtful. Yes, I do love cats. If you’re a cat lover vote for Arthur Park as your 2020-2021 Activities Liaison! Of course, dog lovers can vote too. Actually please do. Oh and those who just don’t like pets please vote Arthur Park as well! Thank you!

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