Meet the Candidates: Hansei Jang

Hansei Jang (’21) is running for the position of Media Relations Director.

Blueprint is committed to restoring the issues and vision to the center stage of this election. We’ve reached out to all declared Student Council candidates to hear about their ideas for the next school year. All responses received will be published prior to the start of voting. This post is neither an endorsement nor disapproval of any particular candidate. 

1. Why are you running to be the Media Relations Director?

Being a positive influence and a leader is always something I’m pursuing to be. Media is always in my field of interest and something I’m passionate about. It isn’t just my hobby but it’s something I want to pursue for my future career, and our school is the perfect place to start. I want to raise awareness about our school spirit and school events with my talents and passions and am willing to dedicate my time and energy into doing so. Media isn’t the only reason I’m running to be the Media Relations Director. I want to share my ideas and visions to our Student Council and take part in the organization process. I have a lot to bring to the table such as my experiences with leadership, my talents, my visions, my sociable personality, and my strong desire for success.

2. If elected, what do you see to be your role in the Student Council?

Being the Media Relations Director of a Student Council isn’t just about the media, that’s only a small portion of it and I’m well aware of that. My role of being Media Relations Director in the Student Council is to help out in anything I can. This involves organizing for events, sharing my ideas and opinions to fellow officers, and creating relationships with the staff and student body to further improve our school’s community. All of this would be done while still fulfilling the media side of things such as creating videos, creating posters, decorating the KIS Student Council Instagram page, etc. If elected, I will dedicate my time and effort into a variety of fields rather than just media.

3. How will you (better) use existing Student Council media outlets to match your vision for KIS and the student body?

Our Student Council already promotes big events through videos and Instagram posts. To simply address my visions for KIS and the student body, I want to diversify the types of videos on the Student Council YouTube page and make as many people as possible feel involved. Right now, the Student Council YouTube page is not very active and posts only a few videos each year. I want to progress our Student Council’s YouTube page by creating a variety of different videos, not just promotional videos. Videos that will include students so that the student body can be more involved and watch videos they desire. Not only that but rather than only promoting events through videos, I want to create videos on what happens during these events so people can look back on these memories anytime they want. I’ll be capturing all of the fun, memorable moments throughout the school year and creating videos for you guys to watch! This isn’t just about promoting events and spirit weeks but it’s about making all of these moments memorable.

4. In which area do you think our school and the student body face the greatest challenge? How will you work with this challenge?

I think the greatest challenge our school and student body has is that our school lacks a sense of community. A lot of times, our school feels separated. Everyone is in their own groups and it’s hard to know people you usually don’t talk with. Obviously I can’t fully resolve this problem, however I have solutions to make this better. My solution to improving our school’s environment is to include as many people as I can in future videos and Instagram posts. This way, students can get to know other people a bit easier and will encourage school spirit. Promoting school spirit is a great way to create a sense of community in our school as well. Showing others that our students are very supportive in our school activities strengthens KIS’s reputation and image. I am determined to improve our school’s atmosphere and make our school feel like one community.

5. What makes you the best candidate for this position?

My ambition, my experiences, and my character make me a more qualified candidate than my competitors. Media isn’t something I’m thinking about doing only throughout my high school career. Media is something I want to do in the future. Something I want to do as a career. I have great ambitions in this field and am in love with creating videos, creating posters, and sharing them to the public. Unlike others, my drive to pursue media isn’t for the recognition but is to capture the memories. I started vlogging on YouTube and ever since, my YouTube channel has been my journal. Capturing the funny moments of my life and creating videos my friends and I can look back on anytime. This is what I plan to do if I am elected as the next Media Relations Director: create videos for events so people can look back on the fun moments they had. Also I have a lot of experience in the field of media. I am the Head of Technology in the Sports Council and am the officer of Filmmakers Club. I’m a member of the media team in the Music Entertainment Club and was a Student Volunteer helping out the media team during KORCOS. I’ve helped with taking pictures and videos of school events such as sports games, Sketchbook, pep rallies, and more. Taking on all of these roles has made me a more organized and responsible person and has changed the way I work. Whenever I get a new video project, I always lay out my ideas and brainstorm right away. I have a plan on what I’m going to do and how I’m going to execute my plan. Not only that but as a person, I am very friendly, loyal, and hardworking. I work hard to show my best efforts to my audience and am very open to any feedback or ideas I get. My personality allows me to talk to others easily and share and receive ideas without any problem which is key in being a Media Relations Director.

6. What is your secret talent?

I guess it’s finally time to reveal my secret talent… I’ve been hiding this from many people but I guess sharing my secret talent is the least I can do to become the next Media Relations Director. My secret talent is that I can die from just drinking a glass of milk. Throughout my whole life I’ve realized that this was a talent only a small percentage of people can claim they have. I don’t really want to get into the specifics because I’m very insecure about this but yes, that’s my secret talent.

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