On Cats and Dogs

The stereotypes are timeless… but how true are they?

Dogs are pretty easy. Dogs will literally jump at the opportunity to join a family, and they have a surefire tell for when they’re happy. It’s easy to include a dog in your family. 

Cats are different. They show more anxiety, they’re very cautious and curious and jumpy. So to someone new, they meet a dog and it’s usually all over them, it gives them love and affection and warmth. Someone new meets a cat and the cat is usually evasive and bound to its own personal bubble. But like people, cats who have that innate sense of anxiety also have the path to opening up and building a relationship with people. Cats are so loving and affectionate to people they trust. They express this trust most often by sleeping next to these people, especially with their bellies showing. Cats will also stay next to you while you’re sleeping, because they want to watch over you and make sure you’re safe, like you did for them. 

It makes it so much harder to learn to love cats. Especially for people who are generally impatient from having dogs, or they tend to act more openly in their own relationships with people, and expect the same kind of thing from a cat. It draws the correlation between introversion and cats and extroversion and dogs, which has been a typical relationship that has been made. But cats can still learn family dynamics. 

If I consider the different personalities between the majority of cats and the majority of dogs, to say that dogs are better is to substantiate the type of personality that is always energetic and friendly and personable, even though introverted people are being better understood now and more appreciated. Having too many people in a group can lead to a draining feeling for introverts, and similarly, cats tend to face difficulties in bigger groups. On the other hand, dogs will be the center of attention in big groups and thrive in that love. 

I love both animals. But it’s evident that they have starkly different relationship paths, which is partly why they appeal to different people. But cats are not cold and angry for their whole lives if you build a relationship with them. 

– Sean Choe ‘21

Featured Image: Shutterstock

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