New Faces at KIS

An introduction to the new faces at KIS.

As PSY says in his new hit song, “Hey we want some new face.” Seems like KIS has took a leap to make PSY’s dream come true as KIS, for the following 2017-2018 school year, has recruited new amazing teachers and students for a better environment! It is difficult to adjust to Korea especially coming from a non-Asian school including the culture and language. Let’s see what they have to say about Korea and about themselves!

Ms. Verick (AP Literature and 9th grade English teacher)

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 4.36.47 PM
PC: Clare Kwon (’18)
  • Introduce Yourself and where are you from?
    • My name is Mallory Verick and from Northern Illinois.
  • Where would you consider you safe haven in KIS?
    • I would consider my safe haven in KIS my very own classroom. I taught in Brazil before I moved here to Korea, and there, I didn’t have my own classroom. Having my own classroom makes me feel very comfortable.
  • Where is the place in Korea you want to go to the most?
    • Hiking is a very big hobby of mine, and anywhere that I’m able to hike I would like to go.
  • What’s your favorite deli food?
    • I’m vegetarian so favorite a specific “favorite” deli food is hard.
  • If you can teach another subject what would it be and why?
    • If I could teach another other subject it would definitely be related to music. I love playing the piano and guitar; I sing too! Before I lived in Brazil, I was practically fluent in Spanish but now I’m fluent in Portuguese; p.s. I have certification to teach Spanish!
  • What is a tip on how to survive your class?
    • Participate in discussions and do your reading! We just do the rest here in class. Especially for essays, find the pattern that fits your profile and writing style and get comfortable with that!
  • What are you the most excited about this year?
    • Traveling — anywhere and everywhere!

Mr. Dawson (Environmental Science and Physics teacher)

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 4.36.51 PM
PC: Clare Kwon (’18)
  • Introduce Yourself and where are you from?
    • Hi my name is Jonathan Dawson and I’m from Melvin, Australia.
  • Where would you consider you safe haven in KIS?
    • Because I don’t have a classroom to myself yet, I find myself the most comfortable in the staff room where it’s quiet.
  • Where is the place in Korea you want to go to the most?
    • I want to explore the culture of Korea so Gyeong Bok Dong palace in Seoul. Plus I heard that Everland and Caribbean Bay are very popular here. I’ve always been a huge Girls Generation fan so although it’s embarrassing, I want to go to one their concerts.
  • What’s your favorite deli food?
    • It would be the popular rice cup ONLY when it has beef. I don’t like the tuna rice cup, because I’m actually allergic to tuna.
  • If you can teach another subject what would it be and why?
    • I’m currently teaching Environmental Science and Physics. I taught Biology and Math a while back. I wouldn’t mind teaching any of these subjects mostly because they all incorporate looking at the big picture of the concept.
  • What is a tip on how to survive your class.
    • If you don’t understand something, ask for help.
  • What are you the most excited about this year?
    • Experiencing Korean culture.

Kristian Noll (’18)

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 4.36.42 PM
PC: Clare Kwon (’18)
  • Introduce yourself and where are you from?
    • Hi! My name is Kristian Noll, and I came from Germany. Before Germany, I lived in Pennsylvania.
  • Where would you consider your safe haven in KIS?
    • I would consider my safe haven in KIS next to Hannah McCullough, because she was the first person that introduced me to new aspects of KIS.
  • Where is the place in Korea you want to go to the most?
    • The place in Korea I want to go to the most would be the Olympics in Pyeongchang next year.
  • What’s your favorite deli food?
    • My favorite deli food is the sticky red bean bun. It’s a new food that I’ve tried since coming to Korea.
  • What is a tip on how to survive a class.
    • My tip whether it’s in KIS or in any other school is to work ahead.
  • What are you the most excited for this year.
    • I’m excited for graduation. (with Hannah McCullough)

Just like the rest of us are adjusting to the sudden changes of the cafeteria such as the second floor of the high school building, these new teachers and students need our help to fit into our community just like home. If you can, make sure to give a friendly hello and smile. We are excited for all the new teachers and students of 2017-2018 to become part of our “legacy.”

Not to forget, we also welcome Mr. Bisco, Ms. Kellar, Mr. Aulton, and other new students!

– Tae Young Uhm (’18)


Stay on Task!

Some simple apps and tips for you to stay on task for the last two months of the school year!

The dreaded months of May and June, contaminated with AP testing and finals, are right around the corner. Every grade will have their super nerve-wracking moment towards the end of the 2016-2017 school year that are constantly terrified by nightmares and updates from “naggy” parents. Especially with procrastination that has been your enemy over the past few years, you are worried as time is ticking faster and faster towards the final two months.
There’s only a limited time to cram all of your information for finals and AP exams, and you’re finding it hard to study at cafes or at home without constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Trust me, we’ve been through it all. Try out these hopefully helpful apps and tips to procrastinate less and “keep your head in the game.”


Self Control
Self Control is a free app that helps you avoid the websites that cause distractions, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, drama websites, or Youtube. With a click of a button, you can limit yourself to these websites for a certain amount of time which you can choose.

Calendar Device
A free device that’s already a part of both iOS and Android devices! Type out all the exams you have and set up reminders for certain important dates.

When iProcrastinate became unavailable, a lot of people were worried about which app to use to keep track of themselves. Make WunderList your next “iProcrastinate”!They offer the same function that allows you to make a list of all your priorities, and of course the best part is that under each item on your list, you can write down even more specific notes to remind you.


1) Don’t procrastinate.
Of course when you’re in desperate needs, you have no choice but to study from the moment you wake up to the exact moment your eyes can no longer stay awake. But, from that experience, learn a lesson that you need to start early with studying! Try not to wait till the last minute. Many people say that “working under pressure makes diamonds,” but studying earlier gets you in a more relaxed zone. Plus less stress!

2) Give your phone to your parents.
When the time of APs and finals arrive, as soon as you return home, give your phone to your parents where it’s completely out of your reach. Over time you would want to check your phone; yet you will have no choice but to ask your parents who will hopefully help you stay on task.

3) Take a quick nap!

Studies have shown that naps between 10-20 minutes are the best. Longer naps may result in sleep inertia or period of laziness. Naps between the minutes of 10-20  are proven to increase your energy and concentration. These 10-20 minutes power naps won’t be enough time to fall into deep sleep which makes it perfect to wake up in time to study for 1-3 more hours.


Follow these tips and apps to get ready for test season!.  Good Luck, just remember that we’re nearing towards the end!

Featured Image: Grayston Prep

Tae-Young Uhm (18′)

Is it Underrated?

A question that arises in the field of every sport: are girls’ underrated with sports?

Precise. Control. Accuracy. Pass after pass. Kick after kick. The perfect measurement of the foot in collision with the smooth ball creates a crisp pop sound, an indication that the ball was satisfyingly kicked. As the net juts back to receive the impact of the spinning ball’s force, the buoyant  sound of the crowd joins the huddled team’s celebration cheer. GOAL. The scent of dirt and grass lingers on the uniform and the constant concentration on the twenty white and twelve black hexagon designed ball for 80 minutes straight. The nostalgic scent brings back the nostalgic memories in the legacy that the girls have created for the past few years.

Korea International School Varsity Soccer. The girls’ and boys’ teams have started off strong with 1-0 win from boys and 6-1 win from girls. Despite the outstanding performance of both teams, it seems like this statement always pops up: the girls won with more goals, because it was easier for them. But what’s the difference? The teams both play soccer, right? But the crowds and cheers are definitely bigger for the boys’ home games than the girls’. The girls may complain about their practices or bruises, but people question the girls, expressing doubt. “Do you girls run more suicides than the boys? I don’t think so.” Or “You girls don’t even get hurt during soccer games, but the boys are always on the ground.”

So, is the girls’ soccer team underrated? Let’s hear some opinions from people within and outside of the soccer team.

Do you think that the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated? If so, what makes you think that?

“Personally no. The girls rarely lose any games…”

  • Ricky Seo, goalie for Boys’ Varsity Soccer (‘18)

“Although I often can’t make it to the games, I hear little bits and conversations about them. Most of the time, they are about the boys’ physicality and how that resulted in yellow cards, but I never hear about the girls. However, when I look at the statics during yearbook for the girls’ soccer games, it shows surprising results of consecutive wins.”

  • San Yun (‘18)

“I think it is kind of underrated because 1. They have a winning streak, but no one really says much. There is no news about the girls games and results. In general I just think that the girls should be advertised more.”

  • Yerina Kim (‘18)

“I do think the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated. Many factors contribute to my stance, but the most principal would be the fact that we are girls. Soccer is a worldwide popular sport, unrivaled by any other. However, when we discuss the term “soccer,” there is an unexpressed but obvious message: ‘men’s soccer.’ Whether it be founded on a historical or physical background, women in sports have faced derogatory remarks, often being compared to men. And the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team was not an exception. You often ask KIS students and faculty if they are coming to a home game or not, and the response you get is not a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but rather a question of who plays first, girls or boys? Why does this matter? They both play “soccer,” right?  I think it should take on a new meaning. The relative performance does not depend on gender but of skill. This season, girls have been performing extremely well setting records such as 7:1, 6:0, and on. It is time for the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team to take a new meaning for the KISians.”

  • Jee-In Kwon, a defender of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team (‘18)

“Yes, I think the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team at KIS is underrated. Despite the fact that the girls were undefeated and 1st place for both KAIAC, Korean-American Interscholastic Activies Conference,  conference and tournament, our team is still not as known as other sports teams in our school. Even at home games, people either only stay for the boys’ game or don’t even come on the days girls play first, thinking that girls soccer game is not worth a watch because it will not be “fun”. I hope people recognize our team’s hard work. Our next home game is on April 19th against GSIS and I encourage all of you to come and support our team!”

  • Alice Yoo, a defender of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team (‘18)


The question also rises in the professional field where men and women have a contrasting difference in pay, safety, and etc.

So although you may have not witnessed the girls do those belly-diving headers, rabona, or the roulette, just know that’s not what makes the game: it’s the teamwork.

That being said, please come support the girls AND boys at the last home game on April 19th!

Featured Image: Sydney Rich (’18)

– Tae- Young Uhm (’18)


K-Drama Maniac

Are you ever bored of T.V. shows that lack romance? Then try these memorable K-dramas loved by people around the world!

In Korea, there are four things that get the most attention: the cosmetics, the plastic surgery, K-pop, and finally the Korean dramas. Hands down, out of all the Asian based dramas, it is safe to say that Korea has dominated the category. With the rise of the cliche but thrilling plot lines, people are intrigued to start from one drama to another. Although sometimes very predictable, the affectionate romance behind the scenes and the breathtaking cliffhangers after every episode keep the viewers on the hook. Every drama has its unique plot and character. If a drama with a good plot doesn’t match up to its expectations, the majority of the viewers automatically blame the actors; therefore, it takes precision and heated discussions on selecting the building of each individual character for the drama. Every single actor has an exclusive aurora that the directors take note of in order to find the perfect fit.

Korean dramas do have the reputation of being unrealistic, having the plot line of “poor Cinderella” waiting for her “Prince Charming.” In fact, the plot lines with this vibe take up most of the hits. Despite the numerous hits, here are some of the narrowed down hits of Korean dramas since 2013!


The Heirs

The cliche poor Cinderella with her Prince Charming plotline, but this drama earned very high ratings. The actors of this drama, Park ShinHye, Kim WooBin, and Lee Min Ho, successfully started to rise in fame after the air of this drama.

Summary: Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park ShinHye) meet in the States for various reasons; and Kim Tan, although an “heir” of a chaebol family, falls in love with EunSang. They meet back in Korea where their love blossoms through the difficulty of the typical lunatic parents and barriers of the rich and poor.

My Love from the Star

With the superb acting of Kim Soo-Hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun, the drama sprouted popularity across the world. Even China has made multiple adaptations of this very drama.

Summary: A romantic fantasy story about an alien (Kim Soo-Hyun) who comes to Earth. When Cheon Song Yi, a top actress in Korea in the drama, starts to fall down in her fame, the alien helps boost her confidence.

Master’s Sun

This drama gained popularity for the unique arrangement of romance and horror combined together. Many famous lines were said in this drama and are still used today.

Summary: A girl who is involved in an accident gains the ability to see ghosts. Due to this, her life is abnormal until she finds a man who is able to stop her from seeing these ghosts by a single touch. But, the man, an owner of a shopping mall named Kingdom, is very arrogant. Will she be able to approach him to get rid of these ghosts?


It’s Okay, That’s love

This drama was highly rated due to its realistic plot line which builds upon the relationship between a doctor and a novelist. In fact, their selection of actors was praised as D.O. , an Exo member, was involved in the casting. Exo is a very famous Korean boy band, known for their KPOP.

Summary:   The novelist who has a mental disease due to his abusive past seeks help from the doctor who also has the fear of getting into relationships. The doctor and a novelist fall in love while trying to help each other overcome obstacles.


Ji Chang Wook finally got his fame due to this action drama that incorporated very settling romance. Due to this drama, he started acting in more action dramas.

Summary: A boy with the codename “Healer”  seeks revenge on the ones that hurt the economy and the people.  Yet without the name, Healer, he lives a normal life where he falls in love with a girl. The girl doesn’t know about the boy’s second identify.  The problem is the girl is in love with Healer, not the normal everyday boy.


Kill Me, Heal Me

With splendid actors and a unique plotline, this drama rose to fame immediately.

Summary: The protagonist has a rare disease of five personalities, and the issue is that he is in a workforce where many eyes are on him. A woman is hired by the company only to find out that she evolved a relationship with all five different personalities.

Reply 1988

Although most dramas are directed more towards women with cliche romance, this drama was known for its unique family nostalgic atmosphere. The realistic scenes of the days back in 1988 grabbed a lot of attention from the ones who lived during that time frame as well.

Summary: Duksun, the main character, in 1988 goes through entangling conflicts of family, friendship, and romance. A lot of cliffhangers are seen in this drama as the setting shifts from present to past often. There are love triangles formed between the friends in order to confuse the viewers as the past and present scenes are portrayed to answer one question :“who is Duksun’s husband?”


Love in the Moonlight

A historical drama where the actor Park Bo-Gum gained a lot of fame for his excellent acting. The drama satisfied the eyes of many, picturing beautiful scenery from 19th century Korea.

Summary: The woman protagonist, Kim Yoo Jung,  tries to hide her identity of a woman throughout the story for a mystery reason. Park Bo-Gum, the king, finds “him” very reliable, and as they spend more time together, the truth unravels itself.

Descendants of the Sun

One of the reasons this drama came to fame was the beautiful scenery as the drama was filmed in Greece and South Korea. Using Greece’s beautiful geographies, the directors were able to depict realistic situations of wars.

Summary: A sergeant and captain of the Special Army force is on vacation in Korea where they catch a thief. The doctor mistakes them for hurting the thief instead and files a report; that’s when they first meet. The captain and the doctor continuously meet through fated and purposeful actions. Their real love story begins when  the doctor sent to Greece as a  special work force team where they meet again.


Missing 9

Although there were American TV shows that were similar to this drama, this was a new genre for the Koreans.  

Summary: A suspenseful mystery where 9 kpop stars are stranded in an island in the middle of nowhere due to a plane crash. In that island, there were actions of savagery such as murder.  But ironically, more trouble occurs when they seek help and arrive to Korea. The murderer gets to Korea first where he brainwashes the community to think he’s innocent from murdering. Will the 8 other victims be able to prove themselves innocent?

Tomorrow With You

With Lee Jae Hoon’s successful works from the past, people are anticipating for this new drama especially with his chemistry Shin Min-ah.

Summary: A man (Lee Jae-Hoon) and woman (Shin Min-ah) barely survive a train crash by getting into a heated argument and leaving the train. Ever since then, the man becomes a time slipper and is able to travel to the future from the present. Soon he finds out that his future isn’t bright and tries to change it. In the process, he gets involved with a woman who he deliberately marries for the sake of his future.

These were brief summaries and reviews, so it’s your time to find out what truly happens inside each drama. Even after binge watching dramas for many years, I am still always ready for new releases; each one has its own suspense and enchantment.

Prepare some hot cocoa and popcorn, snuggle up in a blanket, and be prepared to cry, laugh, and smile all at the same time.  

-Tae-Young Uhm (’18)

Featured Image: Umaria Tariq Malik

Bye Bye JJs

Snippets of information about the new catering and our thankfulness to JJs for their hard work.

We go to other schools such as Chadwick and SFS only to find their luxurious lunches. We open the repeated Snapchats of the perfectly placed pasta on their luxurious plate only to find our soggy pasta. Let’s admit it; we look over at other’s schools meals and feel jealous. In KIS, it has become a “joke” to call JJ’s “good.”

The never-ending complaints by students, promises by leaders, and persistent arguing between the PTO moms have worked. We are finally replacing JJ catering. Pat yourselves on the back, because we’ve done it, KIS.

But is this really what we wanted all along? Even with the thousands of complaints, JJ’s has tried to improve its food system by providing extras, getting feedback, and coming up with new courses that are popular here in Korea. In fact, many people find the replacement  bittersweet. The friendly smiles of the JJ’s staff were always a big part of KIS. We have unceasingly denounced the quality of the food, claiming it was too bland or salty, but we need to realize that the JJ staff members are trying hard. So take a moment to thank the staff members for their dedication for all these years with the amount of insults they had to take in.

After this spring break, a new food catering from Hyundai will be coming to KIS. Selected students were able to get a taste of the new food and from their response, many people are excited for the new change. This new food catering has 3 courses: pasta, korean, and western. While a meal from JJ’s costs around 3,500~5,000 won, the new catering’s meal is rumored to cost around 5,000~7,000 won. . The new food catering claims to have salad bar at all menus, a DIY sandwich, 1-2 kinds of Fruits and etc.

Even with the thrill students have for the new catering, a lot of students express their dejection with the replacement of JJs.


“I’ve been going to KIS ever since 4th grade and I always remember excitingly waiting for school to end so that I could run down to the cafeteria for a cookie. To have to say goodbye to all those memories is like saying goodbye to such a big part of my childhood memories even though it may sound depressing that getting a simple cookie was so important to me.

The recent upgrade in menus for JJ’s brought back an opportunity for me to run to the cafeteria like my 4th grade self again, anxiously waiting in line for a snack. There were times when I wasn’t a 100% satisfied with the food, but we should be aware that the staff worked all day to give us food so that we could get energized.

The saddest moment was when I went to grab lunch during autonomous block and one of the staffs came up to me and my friends and gave us yogurt and simply said “please don’t forget JJ’s!”

  • Tiffany Namkoong (‘18)


Even with our everlasting desires of a change in catering, will we be happy with the new food or will we keep complaining?

#RememberJJs #ThankYouJJs


Featured Image:

JD Choi (’18)

Recap: Women’s March

A recap of the Women’s March focused in Seoul.

After the nerve racking election between Clinton and Trump, citizens of the United States have prominently shown their reaction to the announcement of Trump becoming president. Due to his gratuitous and offensive remarks with his view towards women, the outraged feminists around the world, though most distinguished in the States, stood up to voice their opinions and rights at: the Women’s March. Known as one of the first and largest protests of 2017, thousands of people protested from January 21 to 22, countering Trump’s anti-feminist policies. An overwhelming amount of 2.9 million people showed up to support the cause.

#WhyIMarch, a hashtag, trended with thousands providing pictures of their participation at the women’s march. More people participated in the Women’s March in Washington D.C. than Trump’s inauguration to express their rage and therefore take action by voicing their opinions against the policy.

There are many personal anecdotes posted online about the Women’s March and the moment that the event withheld in their life. It was a historic day in which women supported, fought, and leaned on each other to make the one purpose of this day: the path to equality.

The Women’s March was not only constrained to the United States but were prominent in other places such as in the city of Seoul where many people from Korea International School participated in this event.

“More than being an activist and a very proactive feminist, taking part in the march was taking part in history. This event is something that will be recorded in history and will be a historic milestone. A lot of the things I do as a feminist go unnoticed, but this march was very symbolic to me in a way as a group of people got together to root for the same cause. One of posters I wrote was ‘I’m a nasty woman and I’m proud of it.’” – Sara Kim (‘18)

Despite the weather being below freezing in Korea, an estimated 1,000 people showed up and marched in Gangnam for three hours. The protesters confidently carried posters while chanting “My body, my choice.”

A short clip of the march in Seoul can be seen here : 

Video Credits: Cory & Marie 코리 & 마리

Variety of genders and races can be seen in this video, marching and chanting together. There were many stickers, posters and flags that read “Rise of the Nation= Rise of the women.” Especially within Korean culture and society where the system is quite patriarchal, men came to support their wives and daughters to voice against misogyny. A instance where Korean women are downgraded in society would be the recent Gangnam murder incident where the murderer claims that “women have always ignored [him]” self proclaiming that he is a misogynist.

The sad realization for the world hits when we all realize that history is repeating itself. Just as Sara Kim explains her “unnoticed hard work”, Korea and other countries around the world have made the mistake of not taking action towards such injustice. The feminist finally voice their opinion through the Women’s March which showed a special case with more than 70 countries participating for a same cause. This march was not only for women but immigrants, LGBTQ people, and people of color.

All these people have one thing in common. Hope and the craving for full equality.

– Tae Young Uhm (’18)

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AP Reassurance

Are you worried about your future APs? Find out how your upperlassmen think about their current AP classes!!

Dear suffermores and potential freshmen,

Throughout middle school and the start of high school, we’ve always feared this year. The year where sleep is no longer in our definition and the overflowing stress eats us alive: junior year aka hell year. Yet, we also get a lot more freedom in choosing our courses allowing us to somewhat appreciate our junior year. The problem with this freedom is that selecting our own courses gives us both anxiety and independence. As the first month of 2017 comes to an end, it’s also time to turn in our course registration form. You’re a struggling suffermore and after a long hard thought of what AP courses you want to take, you confidently turn in your course form. But even with that, you still have a feeling of concern in the APs you chose? BUT don’t worry about a thing! Here are some amazing words of consultation from your lovely upperclassmen for you and your AP course registration.


Although it is known to be one of the easier APs, you shouldn’t underestimate an AP course. AP Envi has an average AP score of 2.59! But keep in mind that this is the average score in the US. You only need a 75% in order to get a 5.

You get to know more about Korea and what is going on in the world. It is an interesting class as we get to figure out how the earth is formed and how it functions. Not only do we go in depth about the earth, but we also examine the living organisms in certain areas.ith it being a visualizing class, the course allows what you learn to be embedded into your head quite well. In this class, my favorite part is it’s hands on activity such as looking through microscopes and going on school trips. AP Environmental Science isn’t my favorite course, but it is still a course where I get a lot of information. And I’m growing to love it!

-Paul Song (’18)

Unlike most other AP classes, AP Environmental Science is a course that requires a lot of hands-on work. For example, during our water unit, we visited the Tancheon River to collect samples that we used to analyse the quality of the water. One aspect of the class that I really appreciate is that Mr. Taylor helps us understand how the concepts we learn in class are applicable to the real world. This allows us to be aware that these environmental problems are relevant and very much prevalent in our society, which makes it easier to truly understand these concepts. Mr. Taylor’s very passionate about this subject, and he would do anything to further your interests and passions in this area, so I would advise those interested in taking this class to approach him and ask him for help if you want to advance your knowledge in environmental science (especially if it’s something of your personal interest!)

-Sally Hong (’18)

4There had to be two teachers for AP Lang this year because so many students signed up.

AP Lang is  a class that destroys your self esteem, but as you overcome those obstacles, it shapes you to become a better writer.


As much as it is an English class, AP Language is an opportunity to truly get to know yourself. You’re given chances to reflect on who you are through projects such as the MGP. Now it’s your choice whether you take these risks or not, but if you do, I can assure you that AP Lang will be a very memorable and valuable class.

– Samantha Kim (18’)

7 AP Capstone is one of the newer courses as it was introduced to KIS last year. Every Capstone student always emphasizes the usefulness of the class in everyday life and other classes.

More than a class, AP Capstone Seminar is better described as a platform for your passions. We are given a lot of freedom in choosing what we want to research and what approach we want to take– something that is specific to this class and a part of the class that I really value and appreciate. If I were to give a few tips to students that are interested in taking this class next year, I’d tell them not to feel restricted about what they can research on. There are so many options you can explore that it’s a waste to write a paper on something you’re not interested in.

-Sally Hong (’18)

5We do about 5 labs during the first semester and it helps the students visualize concepts learned in class as they are directly related. 

AP Chem is a class where there are a lot of formulas, and a lot of labs are done. Throughout this course, it’s very important to ask Dr. Cuthbertson (the chem teacher) a lot of questions if a concept isn’t understood because the pace in  class is very fast. Not to mention, the regular Chemistry subject really helped, so listen to Mr. Joo and Mr. Taylor! Don’t just memorize the math formula but also try to understand how the process works.

-Michelle Kwon ’18

unnamedThis course also incorporates biology at the beginning. There are always new ways to learn in this class such as games.

AP Psychology changed me, changed my life, and changed the way I see the world. Ms. Hawkinson is the most wonderful teacher I’ve ever met, and I promise you, she is there to help you in both academic and non curricular aspects. READ, follow her instructions, have a positive mindset, and you’re good to go! 🙂 (Remember that you have upperclassmen like cough, me Sara Kim, cough who are more than willing to help you out!)

-Sara Kim (’18)

I really enjoyed the course and definitely recommend it if you like learning about people and why we behave the way we do. It’s a very interesting class that isn’t only based on textbook reading and tests, but has a lot of projects and in class activities to enhance your learning, so if you’re into “hands on” learning this is the class for you. For tips I’d just say don’t fall behind with the readings; their assigned for a reason, so that by the end of the year or each unit you won’t have to study that much for the test, since you’ve already been learning cumulatively throughout the course. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself through this course!

-Juliet Miinalainen (’17)

6There’s an extra credit project every year where you make a music video about an Economy concept! It’s really enjoyable and who doesn’t want extra credit?

It’s not a basic core subject but expands on how you think. It won’t be a easy course for those who can’t change their perspective and strategies on how you think, but it makes you think more practically. Econ has seriously changed me as a person.

-Elizabeth Lee (‘18)

AP Econ may seem easy for students at first, and it may stay that way for some, but it may also turn into a very challenging course, so you need to study and actively listen to the lectures if you want to do well in class.  You guys have a new teacher next year so I don’t know how different or similar things will be. Graphs seem really complicated at first, but it gets easier. But for some people the graphs will stay complicated. Econ’s not math or science of anything like that so don’t think like that.

-San Yun (18’)

1Every single class usually opens with content questions where discussions are held about the reading from the previous night.

It’s a very self driven class with every class opening with “content questions” which are obtained from the reading homework we have each class. In this class, you’re independent and have to make sure you read every single night or you get lost. This is because we usually write APUSH style essays related to homework from the night before and etc. Even if you’re not a history person, it is very interesting to learn the different aspects of what happened through America over the years, especially since Trump became president this year.

– Anon

APUSH is a course where you have to stay on top of things. You have to stay on course with your reading, and it’s very helpful if you read a little ahead. AMSCO is also a book you should consider buying as it gives short concise summaries of the chapters, although it is good to read the textbook for more specific details. This course isn’t just about memorizing facts, so this course is suitable for the history lovers.

– Michelle Kwon (’18)

The letters AP sound quite alarming and intimidating, but there’s a lot more to them than the GPA. Strive for the courses you truly have interest in! Enjoy your classes and have fun. And most importantly, if you have questions, ask them!!! Feel free to reach out to the upperclassmen for some words of wisdom anytime and anywhere. 🙂 *we aren’t as scary as we look*


Your upperclassmen

– Tae-Young Uhm (’18)