Dismaland: The World’s First Bemusement Park

The world’s renown graffiti artist, Banksy, takes his criticism of modern society to the next level in his newest collaborative installation, Dismaland.

On the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England, thousands of visitors flock to a newly opened “bemusement” park, Dismaland. Called to be “unsuitable for small children”, Bristol-based street artist Banksy’s latest pop-up art installation is the combination of works by 58 artists and Banksy himself. It’s arranged as a dystopian and sinister mock-up of Disneyland, complete with fair games, a carousel, and a towering castle.

(CNN News)

Graffiti artist Banksy has always been famous for his stencils of irreverent, often satirical images of apes, rats, and cultural icons on streets, walls, and bridges around the world, from Los Angeles to Gaza, to Melbourne, despite the illegality of his actions. He first began as a graffiti and stencil artist in the 1980s with the belief that graffiti was not just a form of low-level dissent, but could be “used to start revolutions and to stop wars.” In his art, Banksy explores social and political themes such as anti-capitalism, anti-war, and anarchism.

For example, in this work depicting a couple embracing, Banksy criticizes how modern society has become so absorbed into technology that to the point where we are blind to our loved ones and the very things right in front of us.

Paul Green Photography
(Paul Green Photography)

In another artwork, Banksy depicts a lady falling with a shopping cart, condemning capitalism and how people have fallen senselessly into the cycle of consumerism.

(Banksy Official Website)

For a month before its opening, the public was unaware of the project. When asked about the mysterious construction, owners of the site claimed that the area had been rented out to a film company called Grey Fox, and that a film set was being built.

When Dismaland officially opened to the public on August 22, crowds swarmed to see what Banksy had in store, and were appalled. Several of the pieces spoke directly to the ideals of modern society and the negative effects of consumerism not only on humanity but also on the environment.

A presumably dead Cinderella hangs out of her crashed coach and is blinded by the flash of the paparazzi’s’ cameras. This is an allusion to the death of Princess Diana of Wales, who died in a car crash after being consistently pursued by the paparazzi. A killer whale jumps out of a toilet and through a hula-hoop, perhaps criticizing the marine life industry and pointing a finger at SeaWorld. In a fountain, several children are huddled into miniature boats with other boats trailing behind them with guns pointed, making a powerful connection to the ongoing migrant crisis. And the Grim Reaper twists and whirls on a bumper car, representing how death can suddenly pick you up and take you away.

PA Photos
(PA Photos)
Photo by Christopher Jobson for Colossal
(Christopher Jobson for Colossal)
Yui Mok: PA Photos
(Yui Mok for PA Photos)
Alicia Canter for the Guardian
(Alicia Canter for the Guardian)

Overall, the park has proven to be shocking, frightening, and even horrifying, but it serves as an effective eye-opener to the behind story of the glamour of capitalism and modern society. Would you visit Dismaland?

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

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Typhoon Etau Hits Japan

Japan’s latest natural disaster crisis.

On September 9, Typhoon Etau hit the eastern zone of Japan, letting down rain of a whopping 60 centimeters, which is more than double the amount of rainfall that normally falls during the entire month.

The tropical storm caused the Kinugawa and Shibui rivers to overflow as much as 8 kilometers past their banks. 24 people have been reported to be missing, while at least 27 have been injured by the consequent flooding. Almost a million people in Tokyo and seven other prefectures of Japan have been advised to evacuate their homes as thousands already have. Evacuees were taken to local elementary and high schools, with the Japanese Red Cross providing mattresses, pillows, blankets, emergency kits and radios. Around 100 houses were flooded in Osaki City alone, forcing residents to climb to their roofs for safety before being rescued. As Hisako Sekimoto, a 62 year old woman recalled, “there was no time to escape…” and the only passage to safety was the upper floors. The flooding has also caused massive landslides in Japan, particularly in Joso City where the most dramatic amount of rain fell.

Shizuo Kambaya for AP Images
(Shizuo Kambaya for AP Images)

While this is not the first major flooding that Japan has encountered this year, with Typhoon Goni having hit the southern island of Japan, Kyushu, injuring 70 people, the rainfall experienced within the past few days was “unprecedented”, as Takuya Deshimaru, the chief forecaster at the Japan Meteorological Agency, claimed. Firefighters and members of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force used boats and helicopters to rescue residents, and almost 6,000 emergency service and military personnel came to help with the rescue effort.  

Yoshikazu Tsuno for Getty Images
(Yoshikazu Tsuno for Getty Images)

The flooding has also caused environmental concerns within the global community. The rain caused by Typhoon Etau is the most that the Fukushima prefecture has seen in the last 50 years, overwhelming the drainage pumps of the nuclear reactors and consequently spewing contaminated water into the ocean, according to a Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) spokesman.

While Typhoon Etau has moved out into the East Sea, the storm in Japan is far from over. According to Ken Moritsugu, the bureau chief of Japan’s Associated Press, the “river is flowing directly into one side into the eastern side of the city and as a result, it will be a while to get rid of the water,” while mountains may collect more precipitation, making it harder to drain the water and possibly causing more mudslides.


– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Blueprint Takes Garosugil

You haven’t experienced Garosugil until Blueprint’s taught you how.

Restless with a prodigious amount of time on your hands? Want to go out with your friends to someplace new? Enjoy the changing weather at Garosugil, a beautiful street full of not only major shopping sites and cherry blossom trees, but also innovative restaurants and cafes; it’s perfect for exploring and spending time with your friends and family.

Cafe Able (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Cafe Able // Rating: 3.5/5

Cafe Able is a cafe and breakfast/lunch spot. A bit pricey (16,500won for the gorgonzola shrimp, and 16,000won for the risotto) and under-portioned, Cafe Able is a bit questionable as to whether I would go again or not.

Gorgonzola Shrimp (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the gorgonzola shrimp was phenomenal with its savory sauce and warm bread to accompany it, the serving size was ridiculously small compared to its price.

Quinoa Cream Risotto (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The quinoa cream risotto was averagely-sized, but as Hannah Park (’16) said, “a bit too creamy for the sensitive tongue.” Nonetheless, the service was exceptionally great with an offer of free coffee and fresh pickles.

Remicone by No-Name (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Remicone // Rating: 3/5

Known for its unusual yet visually appealing ice cream and drinks, Remicone is a small shop in a small alley of Garosugil. Slightly overpriced (over 5,000 for each cup of ice cream), Remicone was slightly disappointing.

It was visually appealing, but that was about all it was. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The Thunder-bomb (ice cream topped with grey cotton candy) looked more exciting than it tasted. Although the sugar candy on top of the ice cream was a pleasant surprise, the ice cream itself was “nothing more than just regular milk ice cream” (Hannah Park ’16). The salted caramel ice cream with hazelnut crumble was definitely a unique flavor, but the saltiness overpowered the caramel taste, while the hazelnut crumble was nothing more than a couple of chunks of hazelnut sugar.

Although it’s worth a visit, it’s doubtful if Remicone is a spot that I’d frequently visit.

April Market (Seiyeon Park ’17)

April Market // Rating: 4/5

April Market is another restaurant that’s great for a light brunch or delicate dinner. With dim lighting and rustic decorations, April Market has the perfect romantic setting to come for a date. The mozzarella salad flatbread was a healthy spin on the classic pizza, and it was surprisingly light. The french fries were “crisped to perfection” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17), being perfectly crunchy on the outside, while warm and soft on the inside.

The flatbread is a nice, healthy balance to the bowl of scrumptious French Fries. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the flatbread was a bit pricey, the portions were larger than expected and I was easily satisfied with the meal. Definitely a place to come again—perhaps with a date next time?

(Seiyeon Park ’17)

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop // Rating: 4.5/5

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop is a sister to the pastry shop Glamorous Penguin in Itaewon. It serves a variety of cakes and is famous for its specialty: banana pudding.

Admire the Banana Pudding Cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park '17)
Admire the raspberry meringue cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The banana pudding had a soft and creamy consistency, filled with slices of banana. However, the raspberry meringue cake was a bit of a disappointment. “It didn’t taste much like meringue as it did like a roasted marshmallow” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17). Nevertheless, the raspberry flavor was definitely there, though light, adding a sweet yet tangy taste to the cake.

So embrace the spring days and take a chance to explore the corners of Garosugil with your friends and family! Happy dining!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header: Seiyeon Park (’17)
Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

Smiley: The Blind Golden Retriever

It’s the dog that’s inspired hundreds of kids and adults alike.

The phrase “love is blind” can’t be truer for anyone else than Smiley the dog.


The twelve year old Golden Retriever was born with a condition similar to dwarfism. Not only did the ailment leave him eyeless, but also with oversized teeth. His eye sockets (which were sewn shut to prevent infection) and his large jaw give the impression that Smiley is constantly smiling, hence his name.

What he lacked for in sight, Smiley made up for with his big, lovable heart. (happytailspetphotography.ca)

However, Smiley’s days weren’t always filled with warmth and happiness. Born in a puppy mill, along with over a hundred other dogs, Smiley had struggled to survive due to his disabilities. When Joanne George, Smiley’s current owner, first found Smiley, he had wounds all over his face and ears. Along with ten other puppies, Smiley was taken by George to be placed with other families in Canada. While the other dogs were sold to other families, George decided to raise Smiley herself.


Initially extremely shy and fidgety, Smiley was able to come out of his shell with George’s care and her boisterous Great Dane. Now, Smiley works at the St. Johns Ambulance, a first aid training organization, where he had been trained to become a therapy dog. Most of Smiley’s work consists of supporting children and the disabled. George takes Smiley to accompany children to funerals and visitations, claiming that “the presence of a dog helps relieve the sadness surrounding them in these moments” (The Huffington Post). She also takes Smiley to a local library in Stouffville, Canada to spend time with children who have autism or difficulty reading and to classrooms with students with special needs. “These kids who were born with different disabilities are able to see that dogs, too, are born with the same disabilities. It’s important for them to see that Smiley has overcome, and that he’s happy” (Joanne George, The Huffington Post).

Smiley has found happiness in himself and has used his disability to give love and have love. (Facebook)

One miraculous tale of Smiley’s ever-contagious joy is of his experience with a man named Teddy. Teddy was a man who Smiley frequently visited at the local nursing home. He had no speech and was unable to communicate with others, but that didn’t stop Smiley from trying. “One day, Smiley put his feet up in front of [Teddy] and he started smiling and making noise. All of the nurses rushed into the room and said they’ve never seen the man smile before — never seen any kind of reaction,” said George (The Huffington Post).


Smiley’s understanding and patience for everyone around him is what make him so lovable and special. George hopes that Smiley’s story will not only inspire people to not dwell on their past or disabilities, but also encourage others to adopt dogs despite their disabilities, and give them a chance. Although Smiley is now aging, his love and enthusiasm will never die.

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Photo: Happytailspetphotography
Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

The Platinum Factor

People have been bleaching and colouring their hair since the mid 1800s. The ability to change the colour of one’s locks has not only allowed greater personal expression, but also has provided a chance to stand out from a sea of blonde, brown, and black tresses.

With all the developed dyes and shampoos today, people can now colour their hair a range of shades and hues from vibrant red to even a deep cobalt. However, not all choose to match their hair colour to a crayon. Platinum blonde is like —but much paler and brighter to the point where it almost seems white in some lighting.

This hair color is rocked by models, celebrities, and singers alike. Not only is it a more striking take on the classic blonde shade, but it also provides a fresher and crisper touch to one’s look. Although it has recently been seen quite often on modern celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, platinum hair has existed since the beginnings of hair alteration.

Platinum Debut: Kim Kardashian wowed the world when she stepped out of her hotel during Paris Fashion Week with her unusually bright hair. (Getty Images)

The white-gold yet silvery shade has always made a statement from Marie Antoinette’s powdered wigs to Kim Kardashian’s recent new hairdo. The platinum blonde colour became a huge hit when the term was first coined to describe the hair of Jean Harlow, an actress who starred in the 1931 film—wait for it—Platinum Blonde. Other actresses, such as Marilyn Monroe, took on the unexpected shade to flaunt their luscious curls and to stand out from the crowd.

Male icons also embraced the bold colour, such as Andy Warhol, an artist famous for his iconic silver/platinum wig, which he used to cover his ailing hair. It was even rocked by Tom Felton in his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

The Blonde Inspiration: Andy Warhol was an inspiration to the modern world, whether it was the art he made or the art he wore and became. (The Hayward Gallery)

Bleach has always been in fashion, but until recently the white-blonde locks were associated more with the indie and rock genre, courtesy of singers Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, and Sky Ferreira. However, the mood for platinum blonde has become far chicer and sleeker, and has grown on long hair, instead of being cropped short to a bob.

Such hairstyles have been seen on models walking down runways, such as Sasha Luss, whose light hair gives her an angelic look especially with her equally pale skin, and Soo Joo Park, a model who outgrew her classic black hair colour and instead adopted an extreme platinum blonde.

Soo Joo Park: Supermodel Soo Joo Park hopped onto the Platinum Bandwagon not too long ago. (Wilhelmina Images)

However, there’s no need to bleach one’s hair to destruction in order to achieve a stunning look. Another trending hair colour is rose gold: a beautiful blend of pink, red, and blonde, and maybe even a bit of lavender. Not only does it match with makeup products, but it also works well as ombres on dark and light locks like those of Sienna Miller. A rose gold sheen on bright blonde hair adds nymph-like vibes, while one can also achieve a strong, dramatic look by pairing the soft shade with fiery red roots, creating an interesting fade-out effect.

A Fresh Look: Lots of people, like Sienna Miller in this photo, decided to go with a more playful approach by adding tinges of pink to her already blonde hair. (Mike Marsland)

Although bleach and dyes can take the life out of one’s hair, it’s worth trying a new look and changing one’s vibe. A simple change in something like the colour of one’s hair can completely alter one’s outlook and presence in life. Will you switch your hair to a striking platinum blonde? Or colour your hair rose gold, or another, perhaps more vibrant hue? Leave a comment below!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

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Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

Post-Jazz Night Thoughts

“Jazz is love, I am Jazz.”

“Jazz is love, I am Jazz.” – Masa Sakakura.

Smooth tunes and snazzy melodies filled the air last Friday night as guests ate their fill of gourmet food, served by smooth waiters in their black and white suits. Decorative lighting helped set the mood as teachers and students alike took their seats and eagerly waited for the night to begin.

After months of four hour practices, days of frantic decoration and hours of covering the school with posters of the soulful musicians, Jazz Night was both a musical and entertaining success: over 200 guests attended, with tickets selling out within four hours of announcement.

The night first began with the Phoenix Jazz Band and JV Jazz Band, with stunning solos performed by the musicians such as Masayoshi (‘16), Joonyon (‘17), and Jin (‘16) for each song. There were many of those small moments during the performance in Esté Jazz Combo for whenever someone took solos.

Then, the guests took a break from instrumentals to watch the performance of the Vocal Jazz Acapella group, which performed a stunning take of the song “Words” by The Real Group. Soon after, the audience was surprised, yet delighted by a “surprise mystery guest appearance” of the elementary P-bones (short for plastic trombones). As quoted by Mr. Yanuszeski, “The elementary students were amazing- definitely the stars of the show.”

“The elementary students were amazing- definitely the stars of the show.” – Mr. Yanuzeski (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The Esté Jazz Combo stunned the entire crowd with their improv performance. Mr. Tebti, the high school French teacher proclaimed, “Personally, I don’t like jazz, but the improvised play by the Esté Jazz group blew me away.”

The Jazz Converter: “Personally, I don’t like jazz, but the improvised play by the Esté Jazz group blew me away.” – Mr. Tebti (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Peter Kim (‘15), an Esté Jazz member himself, noted, “Moments when you hear your band member play something insanely good while improvising are the best parts of the night. It’s even better when you and your band members make eye contact and show the ‘I know what you just did’ face”.

Peter and The I-Know-What-You-Did-Face: You can’t really beat that. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

This year’s Jazz Night was special, not only in the fact that there were several special guests performing along with the Phoenix and JV Jazz bands, but also in the fact that it was the seniors’ last night of performing together; they have participated in Jazz Night since the very beginning when the former band teacher, Mr. Jay Londgren, created this event four years ago. Jazz Band members, such as Hannah Park (‘16) expressed their grief of seeing the seniors go. “Now that it’s over, I’m kind of bored and sad. I’m sad because all of the seniors will be leaving this year. I will miss them very much.”

Spring Cleaning: Time To Start Anew

It’s time to open the windows, and do what you should’ve done for a very, very long time.

Finally, the cold weather has broken and civilians have shed their puffy winter parkas. As spring approaches, it’s time to let out the dust that has gathered in our rooms—and also in our minds.

Not everyone truly enjoys cleaning, but it’s worth it in the end. (Daniel Park ’17)

In the winter, it was easy for us to toss our belongings haphazardly across the room and bundle ourselves up into a blanket burrito. However, with the new weather it’s time to reorganize and make our spaces a lot more navigable.

If it’s proving to be a bit of a struggle, you can always resort to this. (FOX)

First, set the mood!

Open your windows and curtains to let in the light, and play some pumped up jams! It’s important to create a stress-free environment so that you’re not as reluctant to clear out your room.

We know it’s a mess at the start, but dividing it will put your organization into a different perspective, and help you have a better start to your cleaning. Plus, the task won’t look as daunting. (Daniel Park ’17)

Then, divide and conquer.

It’s impossible to clean your entire room at once, so split it into different parts- like your desk, your closet, or your dresser, and tackle them one by one! Not only is it a lot more manageable, but dividing this task into smaller chunks will allow you to work through it over a course of days, instead of having to dedicate an entire day to your room.

Tall or short, piles are gonna be your best friend for spring cleaning. You might want to keep them in a manageable size, though. You don’t want things toppling over! (Daniel Park ’17)

Also, don’t be afraid of piles.

In order to get rid of that huge mass of papers, books, and knickknacks off your desk, take it all down and put everything into ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe’ groups. Objects that you use or wear regularly should go into your ‘yes’ pile, while things that you haven’t touched in a year or have passed their expiration dates should be tossed into the ‘no’ pile.

Don’t panic if you don’t know how to answer something. Just sleep on it, do something else, and maybe you’ll be able to answer it then. (http://ceceschmidt.tumblr.com/)

Ask yourself—and answer them, definitely.

For the items in your ‘maybe’ pile, it all comes down to this. Are you going to wear that tiny t-shirt that you’ve kept since middle school? Or use the moisturizer that’s keep sitting in your desk drawer for over a year? Keep a few sentimental items if they mean a lot to you, but make sure to restrain yourself from having a superfluous collection of old memories and mementos. Remember, spring is about starting anew! So don’t hesitate to get rid of your past belongings in order to progress forward.

Maybe you should, indeed. (Columbia Pictures)

Fresh starts don’t have to be just about cleaning your room—it’s also about restarting your outlook on life.

If you’re feeling uninspired and down, take this time to develop what you love the most. Stacy Jo (‘17), has a passion for music and singing, but, like everyone else, has times when she feels sick of it.

“But after a while, I just pick myself up and start again, because I know I can’t really live without it. And even when I hate it, at the same time it’s what keeps me going; I can’t live without my singing or my music.”

The Finish Line: Congrats, you did it! Don’t you already feel better? (Daniel Park ’17)

So embrace the sunny skies and warm atmosphere! Spring is a time to motivate yourself, to expand and tend to your passions like the budding flowers of a cherry blossom tree. Spring-cleaning your room will not only allow a clutter-free environment, but will also help you achieve a calmer, stressless sense of mind.

Special thanks to our model Wonil Chung (’17)!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Captions: Faith Choi (’16)
Header: Disney

#NYFW: A Week In Review

New faces, new styles, new colors: this year’s New York Fashion Week is one you don’t want to miss.

It’s that time of the year again—time for all the designer brands to churn out new collections, for street photographers to frantically take pictures of the best street style, and for celebrities to show up in their most stylish outfits.

What time of the year is it? It’s Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is a biannual event when designers show their collections for the season ahead. Fashion Week occurs not only in New York—designers also preview their fresh new designs in cities such as Paris and London. Normally, however, designers participate in Fashion Weeks that occur in their headquarters or home city, as a sign of support for their local economy and fellow retailers.

Shades On, Arms Crossed: The notorious Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Magazine, was spotted at the Calvin Klein Fashion Show with actress Sienna Miller giving a rather stern look. (Mike Coppola)

It first began in New York as “Press Week”, during 1943, the height of World War II. When the American media couldn’t travel to Paris where the most trendy shows were held, the American fashion industry decided to hold their own shows and show the world what New York was capable of.

The Original Fashion Week: A female model walks the runway during “Press Week” of 1943, organized by Eleanor Lambert. (The Smithsonian)

Now, New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated, renowned events in the world of fashion. This year, the NYFW Fall/Winter Collections for 2015 featured several new trends both in fashion and beauty—here are just a few of them.



1. From bright tangerine to deep sunset hues, several designers such as Victoria Beckham and Prabal Gurung featured orange in their looks, either with separates or with one-pieces, promising a colorful fall and winter season this year.

Cozy In Orange: A model walking for Prabal Gurung. (Fernanda Calfat)

2. Many embellished and intricately decorated pieces were seen coming down the runway during Fashion Week. Some brands like Reem Acra used minimal yet stunning embellishments, while others like Alice & Olivia went all-out and covered entire pieces with studs.

It’s All About The Details: A model walking for Reem Acra. // (Thomas Concordia)

3. This season displayed many looks that gained inspiration from the ‘70s, such as the bohemian vibe and flowy hemlines. Tory Burch featured cool yet casual separates with funky, earthen-colored geometric prints, while J.Crew paired a classic denim shirt with a full-length sequin skirt.

J. Crew - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
How Can She Pull That Off?: A model for J. Crew // (Randy Brooke)

4. Many designers made a plaid statement by using the print on trousers, coats, and separates, while adding a twist to the classic school-girl uniform. The brand Tommy Hilfiger made his use of plaid stand out by applying it as a colorblock on dresses and tops, while Marc by Marc Jacobs used the standard red with more contemporary colors such as pastel yellow and blue for lines.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
Boxy & Bold: A model walking for Tommy Hilfiger. (Randy Brooke, Getty)

5. Leather is always a hit for the colder months, but this time designers are taking a softer route and using the material suede, giving the look a warmer and more luxurious feel. Designer Jason Wu contrasted this rich and subdued material with more racy outfits like this low-cut and high-slit dress.

Jason Wu - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
Low Cut & High Slit: A model walking for Jason Wu (Thomas Concordia)


1. Many makeup artists featured sharp, graphic eyeliners at New York Fashion Week. Some brands like Anna Sui and Yigal Azrouël had minimal lines that highlighted the models’ facial features, while others like DKNY had bold, more eye-catching looks.

Minimal is More: This model for Anna Sui receives touch ups before her the show begins. (Gary Gershoff)

2. If the geometric eyeliner wasn’t wild enough, some models were also spotted with face embellishments during shows. Rodarte models had multiple fake piercings on each eyebrow, while Tommy Hilfiger models had more subtle face tattoos.

Creepy Or Cool?: A model for Rodarte bears multiple (but thankfully fake?) piercings on her eyebrows. (Imaxtree Images)

3. Shades of mauve and reddish-brown were spotted on models’ lips during shows. Donna Karan models wore the classic ‘90s brown lip, while Marc Jacobs took a more alternative route with a deep eggplant shade.

Marc Jacobs - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
The Lip Factor: This brunette model for Marc Jacobs sports a lip color in a shade reminiscent of a deep plum as she poses for the camera before her show. (Jamie McCarthy)

4. A little sparkle on the eyes never hurt anybody. Models at the Rodarte show were treated to Swarovski embellishments right under their eyes, while those walking the Tadashi Shoji show had a more bold look, with flashy gold glitter on their eyelids.

Glitter & Gold: A model for Tadashi Shoji receives the finishing touches to her gold glitter eyeliner. Talk about detail! (Mike Coppola)

5. This season, designers favored the knot instead of the usual buns and braids. Some were bold and statement-making, like Carolina Herrera’s that were inspired by the sumo-wrestler style. More subtle and feminine knots were seen at the Zero + Marie Cornejo show.

As Pretty As A Wrestler: This model for Caroline Herrera sports the ‘sumo-wrestler bun’ as she struts down the runway. (Imaxtree Images)

But, this season’s New York Fashion Week also featured several new faces on the catwalk.

One of the new models seen was Molly Bair: a 17 year old American girl who before her life in the fashion world lived an ordinary life in suburban Philadelphia. Hard to miss with her tall height of 6”1 (184.5 cm), Bair is also known for her high cheekbones, intense blue eyes, symmetrical face and prominent ears, which give her a unique alienesque look. She has already walked for major designers like Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Prada; who knows where this young model will stand in the future?

New Kid On The Block: Molly Bair’s sky rocketing success in the modeling industry is mainly due to her unique look, a trait very much favored by the competitive world of modeling. Although a new comer, she’s already walked for prestigious designers such as Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang, and Alexander Wang. (The Society Management, Getty Images)

 Another rising young model is Lucky Blue Smith. At a height of 6”2 (187cm), this sixteen year old American is hard not to notice, especially with his shock of platinum blonde hair (a stark contrast from his previously dirty-blonde locks) and his phenomenal facial structure. He started his career at the age of 12, scouted by the Next Models management. His sisters Pyper America and Daisy Clementine also model, and the whole Smith family are in a surf-rock band named ‘The Atomies’. Whether in fashion or music, there’s no doubt that Lucky Blue has a successful path in front of him—and he’s just getting started.

The 16 Year Old Model Sensation: Yup. This stunning model is only sixteen. Named “Male Model of the Moment” by Teen Vogue, Smith also has an impressive half a million followers on Instagram drooling over his every update. He has walked for many prestigious designers such as Jeremy Scott, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Feragamo, and Tom Ford. (Aiden Wolf, Getty Images)

Overall, New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015 was a jumble of old and new: fresh modern trends were featured with a return of the 70s, and new faces joined the world of fashion. It’s not just about the clothes and the makeup; Fashion Week is a way of showing the world what the local designers can do, exploring cultural and social ideas, and celebrating the soon-to-come season. If that wasn’t enough for you, no worries! Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, and Milan are soon to happen, so stay tuned!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

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Just Keep Swimming: Thoughts from the Varsity Swim Team

The 2014-15 swim season has officially begun, and our three captains, Joonyon Park, Joonki Jin, and Jennifer Choi are here to tell us all about what makes the team float.

Varsity Swim Team 2013-14 // Jennifer Choi (’15)

With the worst of the winter chills come and gone, it’s time for a new season. No more will we hear the heavy thundering of feet as the basketball players sprint across the gym, or watch in awe as the cheer teams perform their outstanding stunts.

Now, as the weather warms up, swim season begins with practices starting on February 24. Returning and new swimmers participated and swum their best at tryouts which had lasted from February 10 to 14. The results came out on the 16th, with 14 boys and 12 girls on the Varsity Swim Team.

Although swimming is an individual sport, the KIS varsity swim team is one of the most united teams that there are, and one of the few sports where girls and guys work together. We asked the varsity swim team captains, Joonyon Park, Joonki Jin, and Jennifer Choi to describe how the team remains so devoted.

From left to right: Gloria Lee (’15), Minji Kang (’15), Jennifer Choi (’15), Joonki Jin (’15), Joonyon Park (’15) // (Jennifer Choi ’15)

What do you think makes the swim team such a close-knit team, despite everyone swimming their own individual events?

“We swimmers exercise in synergy. If you slowly end your set due to mere exhaustion, your teammate in the lane will encourage you and get you going again. We are truly individuals when racing our own events to our best, but when the whole group gathers together after practices, shouts the cheer before tournaments, or gets the same haircut (the boys can testify), we cannot be a more close-knit team.”

– Joonyon Park (’15)


With all the new members coming in, do you think the atmosphere of the team will be vastly different from what it was like last year?

“I think the team atmosphere is always how the captains and the team make it to be; if we work together and help each other advance in everyone’s own ways, we can achieve more than we can individually and happily too.”

– Joonki Jin (’15)


What do you look forward to this season?

This season, I am looking forward to meeting new great swimmers and working together as one concrete team. –– Jennifer Choi (’15)

I look forward to seeing how much everyone can improve, especially since there are many returning members. It’s also intriguing to see how our entire team can become more of a family and progress together, rather than focusing on individual records.

– Joonki Jin (’15)


As a swimmer myself, I was first anxious about how there were so many incoming swimmers whose faces I had never seen before, and a bit doubtful of how close our team would become this year. After all, swimmers aim to gain better stamina and strength and improve their own, personal records. However, swimming is a team sport, and while swimmers may swim individual events, we train together as a family.

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header: Jennifer Choi (’15)

How to Pull an All-Nighter: Tips on Surviving Your Long Night

Big test tomorrow? Held off on an assignment until just hours before it’s due? Don’t worry — Blueprint’s got you.

Irene Jung (’16)

Have an essay due tomorrow morning? Got an AP World History exam when you haven’t even opened up the textbook? Planning on staying up all night? But wait! Before you reach for your first can of Red Bull, here are some tips and tricks to ensure maximum productivity for your long night ahead.

1. Lay out a plan.

  • Think beforehand what you have to get done that night. It will save you a lot of stress and havoc if you have a set list to tackle.
  • Don’t type it out! Gwendolyn Bounds of the Wall Street Journal discusses in her article “How Handwriting Trains the Brain; Forming Letters Is Key to Learning, Memory, Ideas” how writing things by hand can improve the process of learning and memorization.

2. Set your priorities straight.

  • Do you have both a biology exam and a chemistry worksheet due tomorrow? Which one will be more crucial when it comes to your overall grade? Avoid tackling more than one task at once.
  • Cut off all distractions.
  • As mentioned by the American Psychological Association, multitasking can cost you 40% of your productive time. Turn off Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and any other distractions; your body, brain, and assignment will love you for it.

3. Grab your caffeine later.

  • It’s tempting to reach for the coffee and Monster before the night has even begun. However, if you’re a regular coffee consumer or has already drank a couple of cups earlier in the day, drinking coffee or other caffeine products won’t have much effect when you’re trying to stay up during the night. Treat caffeine as your last spurt only when you desperately need it. When drinking caffeine, make sure to drink water along with it, for caffeine can dehydrate your body quickly, leaving it restless and tired.

4. Snack on the right foods.

  • When feeling drowsy, you may feel the urge to indulge yourself in carb-heavy foods such as chips and pizza. However, according to Dr. Nathan Shier, a nutrition science professor at Indiana University, such refreshments will only make you all the more lethargic. Instead, try going for protein rich snacks such as beef jerky or nuts.

5. Get some fresh air.

  • Do your eyelids feel heavy? If so, take about five minutes to open the window and breathe in the cool air. The chill will re-stimulate your senses that became accustomed to the heated room.
  • If that isn’t enough, go out for a short 10 minute walk around your apartment. Not only will the cold wake you up, but you’ll also get the chance to stretch out your muscles and shake off the stiffness that may lead to drowsiness.
  • A study by Robert Thayer, a professor at California State University, demonstrated how a ten minute walk increased energy levels for two hours, as walking pumps oxygen into the veins, brain, and muscles.

And lastly, if you finish early, don’t hesitate to sleep! That short 30 minute nap may not seem to be much, but it’ll boost your performance during the following day;  little sleep is better than no sleep at all! But still, too many all-nighters can ruin your sleep schedule, so try your best to balance your workload and get as much sleep as you can. Best of luck, and remember, don’t stress too much!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header Source: Jorge Cham