Leadership Summit Draws In Larger Crowd Than Pep Rally

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KIS’s dream ever of producing world leaders ever since its founding has finally come true. On the inaugural Leadership Summit of the 17-18 school year, the number of leaders in KIS exceeded the number of students at the school, based on the turnout rates of the mandatory pep rally that same week.

“The pep rally happens every year, and it’s usually the same stuff every time, with slightly tweaked games and announcements. That’s why I spent my time in the bathroom in the G Building. Now that’s a new experience!”

Students who enjoyed the positive vibe of the Leadership Summit stated that they enjoyed being “different from the crowd” and that there was a special appeal to attending a conference because you were chosen to attend, rather than forced to.

At the current growth rate of leaders in KIS, projections show that there will be no student without an officer position in the next 3 years. That’s the KIS people seem to want, a KIS where being a normie club attendee will no longer be mainstream.

“If a student doesn’t have an officer position in an already existing club, then that’s no problem at all. They can just make a new club with 3 other members. And the other 3 members can be leaders too! After all, that’s what 30 clubs at our school already do.”

Join the movement. Being a leader is the new normal. Skip the next pep rally. Attend the next Leadership Summit.

Featured Image: https://beyondmorale.com/blog/tag/measuring-leadership/