2016 in a Nutshell

Science innovations and political conflicts to recall 2016.

Every year we experience discord of some sort, and every year we make progress of some sort. 2016 was yet another queer year, too breathtaking to be explained in a couple of words. We as a civilization experienced evolution: a quantum leap in science yet an endless dispute in worldly politics. Here are eight symbolic events of 2016, whether a legacy or a setback, all to be recalled hereafter.

Detection of Gravitational Waves (February)

PC: Nasa.gov

One of the greatest science breakthroughs of 2016 was the first direct detection of gravitational waves—ripples in spacetime. Approximately a century after its proposal, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity was at last witnessed. Physicists detected ripples produced in space-time by the merger of two black holes which happened 1.3 billion light-years away. This discovery has given rise to a new era of astronomy and physics that will begin to unveil the cosmos.

Alphago (March)

PC: International Business Times

During the month of March in 2016, media flooded with the news about a game of man versus a man-made machine. Lee Sedol, ranked high amongst Go players worldwide, played five matches of Go against the Google DeepMind’s Alphago. Losses of champion Lee was not a drawback for his opponent Alphago was created by a team of over 100 scientists. Hence its victory was essentially humanity’s great step forward in the study of artificial intelligence.

Brexit (June)

PC: NBC News

To many unforeseen, to some unhoped for, and to some awaited. The UK EU membership referendum that took place on June 23 ended with 52% of the British citizens voting for the UK to exit the EU. Since then, inevitable impacts have followed: the resignation of former Prime Minister David Cameron, an immediate contraction of UK economy, and the plummeting of the pound. However, further implications and long-term effects of Britain’s leaving of the EU are open for debate. In fact, negotiations have not yet ended in resolving the issue at hand.

Pokemon Go: Progress in Augmented Reality (July)

PC: Venture Beat

2016’s summer cannot possibly be described without Pokémon Go. With its first release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go immediately attracted millions of users worldwide, topping game download records with more than 500 million downloads. Pokémon Go immersed users into the entertainment of augmented reality and allowed them to interact with digitally generated Pokémons in the real-world environment.

Juno Enters Jupiter’s Orbit (July)

PC: ABC News

Five years after its launch on Atlas 5 in 2011, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully completed its 1.8 billion mile journey, reaching Jupiter’s orbit on July 4. To enter the realm of the “scariest part of the scariest place that we know” as said by Heidi Becker, a physicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Juno weathered anticipated challenges in Jupiter’s brutal radiation environment. Juno is expected to create a mark in our grasp of not only the largest planet in our solar system but also provide a blueprint in understanding a deeper enigma—the universe.

Rio Olympics (August – September)

PC: money.cnn.com

2016 once again marked the comeback of the summer games. The five weeks of sportsmanship were a highlight and a source of tear and joy for many nations. From August to September, athletes from 205 nations gathered at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, breaking 19 world records and 65 olympic records. One of the greatest distinction of the 2016 Summer Olympics was the first ever Refugee Team with ten equally talented and deserving athletes who competed in the games.

South Korea Political Controversy (October-Present)

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PC: newstomato.com

Disappointment after disappointment. 2016 was an inexplicably bewildering year for Koreans—a political scandal. One woman from nowhere shook the country, as her hidden influence behind the Korean government was gradually revealed. However during the disclosure of such absurd corruption, the nation experienced a union through the impeachment of President Park and successful weekly rallies that gathered more than 2 millions a day to sound a unified chant.

US Presidential Elections (November)

PC: Business Insider

The 2016 US Presidential Elections sparked more controversy than ever before. Despite a yearlong series of scandal plagued campaigning, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. Trump began as a Republican businessman with mere infamous publicity, initially believed to have extremely low chances of winning. Sharing his notorious and rather contentious opinions on globally disputed issues of immigrants, women, LGBTQ rights, and racism, Trump fueled a global fuss. Yet, results are results. As Barack Obama put it in his last remarks as President, “This is not a period. This is a comma in the continuing story of building America.”

The list goes on. Giant pandas are no longer on the endangered list. Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar. Departures of numerous celebrities, the Aleppo offensive, Duterte’s presidency.

The End, 2016!

– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

Featured Image: Crescentia Jung (’19)

How to Transition Your Wardrobe Effortlessly From Fall To Winter

Is it too cold yet? Is it only a little chilly? It’s a good idea to pay attention to this guide for f/w wardrobe transition.

Even state-of-the art weather forecast apps aren’t accurate enough for Mother Nature’s whims, just like every one of you who probably stepped out in a lightweight fall ensemble the very day it decided to switch to winter. Without warning, a silk scarf, a skimpy corduroy mini skirt, and a denim jacket wouldn’t cut it — even if the combo is #OOTD gold. Because thin, barely-there layers won’t stand a chance against the thick sweaters and fur coats as we start plowing through the chilling months, it’s time to bulk up your arsenal with winter-proof upgrades, and ditch the classic fall standbys. Once you start incorporating these seasonable wardrobe changes, you’ll be ready to face winter’s most frigid days while still being able to remain chic as ever. And fortunately, it only takes a few key pieces of clothing accessories to easily make that fashion transition. Who said change is hard?
Out with: Thin pullovers
In with: Chunky sweater
Leave light layers behind in favor of lush, chunky sweaters – it’s now cold enough to stash all your sheer, thin clothing in the back of your closet. If cotton frocks are your go-to, consider swapping in the dresses with a more substantial texture, like velvet or corduroy.

PC: https://ohmaidarling.com/tag/chunky-knit-sweater/

Out with: Flimsy sandals
In With: Chelsea boots
It’s time you put away your thin, sleek ballet flats for lace-up oxfords or even better, black ankle boots that will prep you to deal with slick, icy street grounds. They can range from thick Doc Martens to clunky steppers – everything that you own from the autumn season already!

PC: http://www.footwearpedia.com/chelsea-boots-jeans-women.html/chelsea-boots-jeans-women-cdyqc

Out with: Warm Earth Tones
In with: Deeper Color Palate
The warm earth tones of fall are typically replaced during winter with deep indigo, crimson, shimmery gold and crisp iPod-white to complement the season. Add a charcoal gray wool tunic, a navy blue peacoat or a pair of orchid-purple pumps to your wardrobe to represent the current color trends and to get through the winter blahs.

PC: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/v2/2016/02/12/pantone-fashion-color-report-fall-2016/

Out with: Single-piece Cardigan
In with: A Staple Statement Coat
Much of your wardrobe works for both seasons, but your winter coat is your statement piece and serves as a canvas for broadcasting your personal style, so take full advantage of it. Unlike fall when you can get away with donning a lightweight knitwear or cardigan on colder occasions, you probably need a proper coat that is wearable everywhere even in the coldest months. Opt for a neutral shade that goes with everything, such as matte black or slate gray, or take this chance to sprinkle some color over your normally muted winter wardrobe, such as indian pink or a toned down mustard.

2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
PC: https://kr.pinterest.com/katchavez1696/grande-coats/

Whenever the seasons shift, the vast majority of us find ourselves fumbling through our closets, plagued by confusion, not sure whether we should dress for the current season, the upcoming season, or some weird hybrid of the two (if that is even possible). Because transitional seasons are always so difficult, we always come up with a series of questions: do you dress for the weather or the season? How do you look fashionable and timely when the temperature and season of the year seems to be clashing? Don’t sweat it, mind your fabrics, work those wool, and say goodbye to fall. After all, a smooth transition to winter comes down to identifying how you want to spend your time and creating wise new style habits for the next four months.

– Ashley Kim (’18)

PC: Lady.Day.az

Meet the 2016 Emmys Best Dressed

Here are some of the best and brightest Hollywood styles that simply blew us away.

This just in: Hollywood’s leading TV personalities have officially brought on the heat. The awards season is approaching, which calls for primetime perfection and an ideal excuse for the biggest stars to flaunt their best looks down the red carpet. From sequined, sheer, tiered, vivid, draped, and ruched, the 2016 Emmy Awards brought out some of the top-notch fashion on the red carpet, thanks to the nominees from respectfully acclaimed and celebrated programs such as “Empire”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Orange Is the New Black”.

Some celebs opted for a classic and demure look, while others spiced theirs up with slightly more risque silhouettes. Judging from the outlook, the 68th Annual Primetime Emmys not only brings together television’s best and brightest to celebrate their hard work and success, but it also motivates the entertainment industry to show off their style A-game. As the floor-dusting gowns and textured tuxedos constantly captured people’s hearts, it is time to seek for the stars who totally owned the red carpet. After all, there is nothing wrong with honoring those who put their Jimmy Choos forward and impressed everyone with their eye-catching looks.

Take a look at the five stellar ensembles of the night that instantly made jaws drop.

  • Tom Hiddleston
PC: E! Online

Tom Hiddleston was one seriously sexy sight to see when he hit the red carpet that night, looking absolutely dapper as he posed in a fitted Gucci suit, flashing his baby blue eyes at the cameras, which in turn, caused many girls’ hearts to beat just a little faster from that sultry eye-lock. His minimalist look paired with a simple slicked-back hairstyle were more than enough to be qualified as “dashing” among the many preened actors.

  • Priyanka Chopra
PC: US Magazine

The Quantico actress showed up looking resplendent in a crimson one-shouldered Jason Wu number, the smoldering presence completed with Brian Atwood heels and a swipe of ruby red lips to match. Lets face it: everybody loves to twirl around in their favorite dress when occasion allows, and Priyanka has the every little right to sashay down the red carpet with her daring ensemble. Even so, her bright, confident smile does seem to add the final accessorizing touch to her look, as she flashes her pearly-whites in front of the cameras because well, she knows she looks that good herself.

    • Kristen Bell
PC: IB Times

With the plunging neckline, intricate floral details and a billowing skirt, Kristen Bell effortlessly captured the right-out-of-the-fairytale look with her stunning Zuhair Murad gown. To top it all off, she paired it with natural blow-dried honey blonde locks, neutral makeup, and Harry Winston jewels. The audience cannot suss out what more they are taken aback from: the curvy silhouette or the sexy-yet-elegant backless demeanor.

  • Emilia Clarke
PC: Tom and Lorenzo

Amidst the flashy beaded frocks down the A-list runway, Emilia Clarke clearly stole the show in a nude strapless Atelier Versace floor-length gown with ruched detail at the bust and delicate diamond jewelry. Keeping things to the bare minimum, the British star sported a tied back chignon and taupe lip color which heightened her glamor-level to something off the charts. Perhaps it’s the way the star carries herself — confident and exuding power, just like a queen — which made her look extra-regal, to the point of seeing her Game of Thrones alter ego Daenerys Targaryen come to life.

  • Millie Bobby Brown
PC: Vanity Fair

If stepping onto the red carpet and turning heads was a challenge, Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things (aka Eleven) would forever be unobstructed, always rising to the occasion. The night was all about the razzle-dazzle and she brought a hearty dose of it in an embroidered Valentino Red sheer gown. She managed to pull off an age appropriate look while still staying on-trend with the metallic bird appliqués to express her adorably chic style- making her first major award show appearance a massive success. If there is anyone worthy of looking up to as an epitome of a style icon rocking the fearless buzz cut, it would be Millie – something that even adults can’t get right sometimes.

In short, wherever the red carpet is concerned, the spirit and courage is what packs a punch. Each position along the crimson path, where on-camera reporters await to flatter and wolf-whistle, render a shining new moment to make an entrance and strut down the catwalk in an outfit best suited for endless posing. The attendees can’t all be Emmy winners, of course, but for those who boldly decided to go where few would tag along, they’ll have a victorious marking on the best-dressed lists in the end. From sleek, gilded column dresses to handcrafted jewels in the most imaginable collection possible, a handful of celebrities stood out from the rest thanks to their styling choices — and often, their sartorial risks scrutinized by panels and critics paid off in a sizable way.

What looks were your personal favorite, and what do you anticipate for the next year’s Emmy Awards?

– Ashley Kim (‘18)

Featured Image: Vanity Fair