Top 10 Albums of 2017

Every year, music accelerates itself, and 2017 has been the year for both new artists and major artists. Here are my best picks for the best albums in 2017.

The Sound is a column on all things music written by Charles Park (’20) and Mark Park (’20). -Ed.

10. The Thrill of it All – Sam Smith

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The four-time Grammy awarded artist, Sam Smith comes back with his new album, The Thrill of it all. Again, Smith creates another masterpiece of R&B/pop. It still was able to create a new soul, making it a perfect song for love. His brand of sadness in love marks itself again which can be exhausting but his songs still provoke sentimentality with his tender voice and softly produced beats.

Recommended Tracks: “Too Good at Goodbyes”, “Pray”, “The Thrill of it All”

9. Ctrl – SZA

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The critically acclaimed album, Ctrl, has been compared to many famed R&B artists such as Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and more. However, SZA’s album directly dives into her own life with stark episodes in each of her songs, all connecting to her appreciation of the solidarity in her life as she explains many experiences with her lovers, good and bad.

Recommended Tracks: “Love Galore”, “Doves in the Wind”, “Drew Berrymore”

8. Mura Masa – Mura Masa

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Mura Masa, a rising dance-pop artist, creates a light yet digestible dance-pop album with its ear-musing beats and some famed artists for features. The album, Mura Masa, depicts his relationship of love while connecting all his songs to his city, London. Despite its simplistic construction of the album, the album still stands as one of the relaxing and easy dance-pop albums in 2017.

Recommended Tracks: “Love$ick”, “What if I go”, “Firefly”

7. 4:44 – Jay Z

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Jay-Z’s thirteenth solo album, 4:44, dazzles through the deconstruction of Jay-Z’s world, basing his thoughts on the album, Lemonade from his wife Beyonce. The album was the dreamwork of Jay-Z the songs reflect how the world goes around while leaving a legacy of all his past work. Every angle that he explores has been referenced through all his albums, but 4:44 recreates a refreshing view and discloses all his emotions and personal revelations. From its classic beats and samples to intense lyrics, Jay-Z creates a masterpiece of his end, leaving the audience with a handful of eloquent thought processes of his life to mark a legacy.

Recommended Tracks:”The Story of O.J”, “4:44”, “Family Feud”

6. The OOZ – King Krule

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The OOZ is one of the most underrated albums in mainstream culture when disregarding its high appraisals from major critics of the album. King Krule creates the album to be an alien yet perennial as this contemporary album does not fit in any time of the century. It was beyond the trend. The album is packed with 19 tracks, consisting of tender jazz, tacky R&B, hard rock, and soft hip-hop. King Krule, already prominent for his imperfections and amalgamations of multiple genres, creates a journey deep into all kinds of emotions with overwhelming beats and out of tune sounds, making the album more special.

Recommended Tracks:”Dum Surfer”, “Slush Puppy”, “Vidual”

5. Funk Wave Bounce Vol.1 – Calvin Harris

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Calvin Harris was able to create the perfect album for the summer vibe. Calvin Harris completely shifts direction from EDM to relaxed dance putting many fans in anticipation of the perfect chill album which Harris fulfilled. The album consists of appearances of the top artists such as Frank Ocean, Migos, Khalid, and more, making the album one of the best dance/chill album in 2017. Although the album wasn’t greater than it was anticipated from its features, Funk Wave Bounce still was the album for funky summer vibes.

Recommended Tracks: “Slide”, “Rollin”, “Feels”

4. American Teen – Khalid

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American Teen is the debut album of a 19-year-old, dealing with daily adolescent problems of identity, love, and family. The album is packed with classic R&B tracks with its stylistic beats fit for mainstream Pop culture. With his authentic voice in R&B, Khalid may be one of the best artists to create music as for the mainstream audience. The album consists of an overall similar tone, making it easy for the audience to digest its simpleness. As the songs explore the struggles and fantasies of life, mostly derived from the millennials, American Teen can easily represent the life of an adolescent.

Recommended Tracks:”Location”, “Saved”, “Young, Dumb, and Broke”

3. Flower Boy – Tyler the Creator

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Flower Boy may be Tyler’s best album as the album strips Tyler away of his furious raps and depicts his pain in the most sincere way. With the appearance of high-end R&B and Hip-hop artists, Flower Boy is packed with ear-musing tracks while it starts to hint another side of Tyler-vulnerability underneath his aggression. While he still presents few furious raps like his past songs, most of the tracks depict Tyler’s emotions under his anger towards misconnected love and navigation of his youth. Despite all kinds of slurs from the past in his music, Flower Boy presents Tyler riddled with identity and loneliness with small innuendoes of homosexuality, a topic Tyler has always been aggressive about.

Recommended Tracks: “See you again”, “9/11, Mr.Lonely”, “Boredom”

2. Process – Sampha

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Critically acclaimed from mainstream publications, Sampha’s debut album, Process has been a unique masterpiece. Exploring different elements of music, Sampha offers an album packed with strange yet contemporary beats while restlessly depicting his emotional soul of his family. Unlike other soul-hitting albums, Sampha creates a vast range of his tone from nostalgic sweetness to cold and bitter sentiments. The album strips Sampha with strong depiction of his vulnerableness, creating bleak and vague definitions of his emotions.

Recommended Tracks: “(No One Knows Me) like the Piano”, “Blood on me”, “Incomplete Kisses”

1. DAMN – Kendrick Lamar

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There’s no doubt that 2017 has been the year of Kendrick with his fourth studio album “DAMN”. The album easily peaked the Billboard charts and quickly achieved Double Platinum after its release. From the thought-provoking lyrics to the diverse characteristics of his beats, his songs have dominated 2017’s pop culture. The album has been placed as the best album in 2017 for many mainstream publications with high regards of the album’s complexity and storytelling.

Each year, Lamar tells a different story, and in this album, he questions the coexistence of his fame with the divinity of God, musing the audience with its vivid details and evocative scene-setting when describing each of his stories. Tracks such as “Yah” or “Pride” depict his fame changing his life with his appeasing tone and playful rhymes while tracks such as “DNA” or “Element” consists of aggressive and thought-provoking language and heavy beats. The complexity of his album could be stressed in every way from the jaw-dropping story when the tracks are played backwards to the intricate samples of classic songs.

Recommended Tracks:”Love”, “Humble”, “Element”, “DNA”

Other Notable Albums:

Big Fish Theory-Vince Staples

Divide-Ed Sheeran

Reputation-Taylor Swift


– Mark Park (’20)

Featured Image: Neo Pak (’19)

Album Review: 1989

Swifties unite.

On October 27th, 2014, international pop star Taylor Swift released her fifth album 1989. Despite it being a completely different genre and style from her previous albums, 1989 was a huge success and sold 1.28 million copies in the first week, making it the only album to sell more than one million copies in its first week in 2014. 1989 earned Swift 3 Grammy nominations for her hit leading single “Shake It Off”, an upbeat song about how she doesn’t care about the “haters”: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance. Swift also was the only artist to perform in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2 years in a row when she performed in this year’s show, singing her singles “Blank Space” and “Style”. According to, 1989 has been number 1 on charts for weeks and is the officially best selling album of 2014, beating the previously number 1 “Frozen” soundtrack. Also, Taylor Swift has won the Billboard Woman of the Year, the Dick Clark Award for Excellence at the AMAs, number 1 on iTunes, and many other awards and achievements. Swift also released three music videos so far for 1989: “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” and “Style.”

Big Machine Records

In an interview with Fusion, Taylor Swift said that unlike her previous album, Red, which “was a devastating record…about dealing with an intense heartbreak.” 1989 is about “the phase after that where you brush yourself off and you’re okay”. She also says that unlike her other songs, which were often related to heartbreak and romance, 1989 is more related to how she wants to define “my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now, which is different than it was a couple of years ago.” Most of the songs on 1989 are fast and upbeat, and the instrumentals are more drums and electronics based compared to her typical country guitar sound. One thing that Taylor has kept in 1989, though, is the meaningful, self-written lyrics that seem to be relatable to every situation. According to Swift, 1989 is more “sonically cohesive” than Red, and is her favorite thing she’s made so far.

– Min Ji Kim (’18)

Header: Big Machine Records