Fashion Week 2017 Recap

While the temperatures have just begun to rise, designers are already thinking ahead to the next snowfall. Check out what trends will be hitting the streets this F/W season.

It’s that time of the year again- when bloggers and celebrities fly across the globe to see the latest trends that designers have put out- Fashion Week. This time, Blueprint has hunted down the five most common trends at New York, Paris, and Milan runways- fashionistas, take note.


  • Large & In Charge

–  It’s all about the pantsuit this autumn. But instead of squeezing into form-fitting blazers with too tight shoulders, borrow from the boys (literally) and embrace the oversized look. Models at Alexander Wang, R13, Victoria Beckham, and Calvin Klein shows were all seen wearing this mix of laid-back and formal. With a simple tee and jeans, it pulls together the best put-together look.

Casually in charge, as seen at the Alexander Wang show. (Image: Yannis Vlamos)


  • All Caught Up

–  Conspicuous? Scandalous? Perhaps. But this winter, designers have styled the eye-catching fishnets with more delicate silhouettes and brighter colours, even creating fishnet tops. Make the most out of the pattern by pairing them with skirts or shorts, as seen in the Simon Miller and Dennis Basso shows.

Pair the pattern with shorter hemlines, as seen in the Simon Miller F/W 2017 Show. (Image: Simon Miller)


  • Crushing on Velvet

– At your next formal, switch out from traditional silky thin fabrics and instead give a shot at velvet- preferably in deep jewel tones, to give off a rich, luxe vibe. For a more wearable look, take a velvet blazer and pair it with any t-shirt and jeans combo for a quick glamorous look.

umberto fratini
Take a note from Self-Portrait’s latest collection and try velvet separates for a more street-appropriate look. (Image: Umberto Fratini)


  • Red is the Warmest Colour

– The most sensual colour out of the ROYGBIV palette, red has been flooding the runways across the globe. Embrace the bold hue in a carnelian one-piece, or go monochromatic by layering different tones from head to toe.
The monochromatic look a bit too extreme? Choose one crimson piece instead to be the highlight of your look. (Image:


  • Making a (Literal) Statement

– This year, the designers haven’t been afraid to state their political beliefs. At New York and even in Milan, designers from Versace to Creatures of Comfort were clear to state their opinions, directed at America’s current political situation. 

Wear your pride on your sleeve- or in this case, on your entire torso. Brands such as Creatures of Comfort slapped slogans onto tops, accessories, and one-pieces to make their statement. (Image: Creatures of Comfort)


Do you plan to take any of these trends to the streets? Let us know what other trends caught your eye in the comments below.

-Seiyeon Park (’17)


Featured Image: Molly SJ Lowe

Supreme: Fashion and Exclusivity

Why is Supreme so expensive?

With its much-anticipated uncovering at Paris Fashion Week, the FW collaboration of NYC street label Supreme and French luxury house Louis Vuitton has thoroughly enraptured souls of many. Deemed a new era in fashion history, the coalescence of the two discrete worlds of street and luxury has been said to represent an unexpected coming together of the looks of the uptown and downtown. Emma Hope Allwood, Fashion Features Editor of Dazed Magazine, described the collaboration to be “At first, a kind of surprised disbelief…But the more [she] thought about it, the more it made sense.”

Despite the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection not due to release until July, a rumored jaw-dropping price list (shown below) for the collection items has surfaced online. A denim jacket adorned with the famous LV and Supreme stamps is expected to cost around $2,000 USD, and a leather trunk also embellished with the two labels is expected to retail for more than $68,500 USD.

Rumored Price List (PC: Nice Kicks)

For those loyal hypebeasts out there, the big-budget costs are conceived, for the prices for Supreme products have never been so friendly. However, many have expressed their dismay—how can a street brand cost a fortune?

With its founding year traced back to 1994, Supreme has established itself as a stalwart street brand garnering much notice among the fashion industry. Ever since, the label has proved its success, demonstrated through its frequent collaborations with renown brands such as Thom Browne, Vans, and Stone Island.

A reason for its steady success can be searched for in the surface—hype. Hype is the instant boost of publicity. Let’s say, Kanye West or Rihanna, idol of many, is spotted wearing a Supreme box logo tee. That’s surely cool and so is the T-shirt; that’s why such exposure encourages people to forage for the same item.

Charles Park (‘20), an avid follower of fashion labels at KIS had his say, attaching a widely different reason to its popularity, one conceivably many fellow hypebeasts would agree with:

“I like Supreme because of their general character as a brand. The unique attitude and voice that comes out with every season is what I’m attracted to. I think that the reason why Supreme is loved by so many and has stood the test the time in terms of trends, is that they’re not afraid to try something new. Many of their items appeal to different demographics, which is how I think Supreme was elevated from a small New York skateshop to a icon in streetwear and street culture. To put it simply, I like Supreme because as a brand, their political messages, their skate references, and their musical influences have been authentic and true to itself.”

Yet, the ultimate and the true key to success of Supreme, throughout its 23 years has been consistent—exclusivity. By making a limited amount of product for every release, Supreme plants exclusivity. Although the online shop selling out in minutes after a new release and resellers mass purchasing products, Supreme never fails to keep the supply low. The demand is yet more or less assumed. That brings us to buying director of concept store MACHINE-A, Stavros Karelis, who left a rather interesting yet questionable comment that the Supreme x LV collaboration, “from a retail and marketing point of view, I find it brilliant!”

It seems to be Supreme’s cerebral play of economics—supply and demand—that has fueled its sustained successes and has allowed it to stay high in budgets all throughout. The exclusivity and rareness, which people naturally seek to differentiate themselves, have led to its unfailing popularity and attention.

– Yoo Bin Shin (‘18)
Featured Image: Highsnobiety



Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Month Recap

Recapping the brands that stood out the most to Blueprint in this year’s SS 17 Fashion Weeks around the world.

While many of us have started switching out our shorts for our denim, our tank tops for our sweaters, others have laid out their warm weather wardrobes already. What time is it? It’s Fashion Month.

Fashion Month is a term coined for the long stretch of time (typically a month, hence the term) over which the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world hold their seasonal fashion weeks. The “Big Four”, receiving a majority of the press and commercial light, are New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Though New York was the first city to begin holding seasonal fashion weeks in 1943, the concept of the fashion show itself arose, not surprisingly, in Paris. Starting from the 1850s, French “haute couture” (high fashion) houses began holding private shows for their most prized clients. These often involved “parades” in which models formed in lines to exhibit the salon’s newest garments. In fact, fashion week are still called “défilés de mode” today- meaning parades of fashion.

After Eleanor Lambert put together the first New York Fashion Week (then called Press Week) in the middle of World War II, other cities started to catch on, from London to Milan to Seoul.

Now that we have a bit of context of the runway and its origins, let’s go through the most stand-out show of the “Big Four”’s Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks.

  1. Kenzo
  • Kenzo’s SS 17 show this fall was particularly hard to forget- as it began with an installation of performance artists who posed like marble statues, painted in chalky hues. This season’s line featured embellished slip and tank dresses, balanced with utilitarian outerwear such as military raincoats, parkas, and oversized denim jackets.
Photo: Indigital

2. Off-White

  • A rising name in streetwear, the brand Off-White featured a variety of styles this season, starting with classic blue-striped shirts and girl-boss red suits, followed by a mix of sporty and feminine, with dresses flooded in ruffles and racer back tanks paired with fluffy tutu skirts.
Photo: Marcus Tondo

3. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

  • Already nicknamed the highlight of London Fashion Week, Preen is bringing back the 70s, constructing gowns and mixing in a casual preppiness with polo tees made from glitter, chiffon, flower prints, velvet and embroidery. Along with their makeup, the models looked ethereal and witchy in their get-ups.
Photo: Yannis Vlamos

4. Marc Jacobs

  • Full of ruffly, sheer dresses, embroidered coats, camo patterns and massively padded shoulders all in shining metallics, this season’s clothing line was reminiscent of a vintage store, continuing Jacob’s signature style of whimsical and playful.
Photo: Umberto Fratini



  • As the brand was recently handed over to Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow as it was sold to the G-III Apparel Group, many were wondering how the new creative directors would take on the brand. This season’s futuristic theme was coincidentally fitting, and held a blend of edge and comfort. 
Photo: Luca Tombolini


What brands stood out to you the most this season? Let us know in the comments below.

-Seiyeon Park (’17)

Featured Image: Getty Images

What’s New, Milan?

Check out Blueprint’s best picks in one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year.

Paris is the world’s fashion venue,

New York is the city for all clothing entrepreneurs,

London is for all things chic and classy,

But how many people know of Fashion Week in Milan, Italy?

Here are 5 stand outs of Milan Fashion Week 2015 Spring/Summer from Blueprint, to you:



  • Casual – especially paired with sneaker-like footwear
  • Fitted tops with loose trousers
  • Boxy, ankled pants
  • Dashes of cobalt blue
  • Neutral colors and patterns


Just like the name of their brand, their new designs ooze elegance and royalty. Their spring emphasis on cobalt blue was an eye-pleasing choice, and so was the feminine, waist-hugging structure of their line. But what’s new here? Perhaps not much. Everything was there, but the lack of creativity may have been a downfall.

Rating: 4/5




  • Darker hues of red and black
  • Latin-inspired colors
  • Bold, elaborate patterns (jewels and distinct, vine-like patterns)
  • Fitted figure



Who would have thought a brand as European as Dolce&Gabbana would go Hispanic?! Swirly black patterns on red, with hints of glistening gold: all things españoles that scream “sexy” like no other. Hats of to you, Domenico y Stefano!

Rating: 5/5 for novelty and creativity




  • Wide range of bright colors
  • Boxy fitting
  • Slicked back hair
  • Geometric patterns 
  • Tinge of 80’s throwback



Although their designs had an underlying support of the infamous black&white, really, the colors range from from coral orange to baby blue, from hot red to a medley of all of three. Keeping the clean and structured look, Versace incorporated a lot of geometric shapes, and embellished their work with sparkles. (Always yes for sparkles.) Versace’s design might come off a little mundane, but truly, they have managed to bring sophistication and aesthetics in such simplicity.

Rating: 5/5




  • Waist-fitted apparel
  • Muted colors with few bold colors
  • Delicate touch – feathers, minimal gold studs, strapped heels, silky material
  • Clean, slicked-back pony tails




Mid-length skirts, bright feathers, wide-legged pants, and patterned scarves? I see what you’re doing here, Gucci, bringin’ the 90s back! It’s hard to mess up 90s fashion, but this year’s Gucci designs seems to be a little too ill-fitting. Honestly, the quintessential impression of a fashion show is exactly what Gucci brought to Milan this spring: excessively bold and quite incomprehensible apparel.

Rating: 2/5




  • Unfitted figures, boxy
  • Bold patterns
  • Contrasting colors
  • Over-the-knee dresses




The perfect combination of the past and present! Frankly, I have never heard of Antonio Marras until this spring, and from what I’m seeing, it’s a brand to keep and eye out for. Like Gucci’s approach, Marras’s designs may seem a bit dated and daunting at first, but the more you look at it, the more it grows on you – not necessarily as day-to-day apparel, but as art. Bringing shapes and textures of the Victorian Era, yet spicing the out-dated with a modern twist of geometric shapes, abstract lines, and floral patterns, what can I say, it’s true brilliance.

Rating: 5/5

Which fashion brand was your favorite? Leave a comment or a poll response below!

#NYFW: A Week In Review

New faces, new styles, new colors: this year’s New York Fashion Week is one you don’t want to miss.

It’s that time of the year again—time for all the designer brands to churn out new collections, for street photographers to frantically take pictures of the best street style, and for celebrities to show up in their most stylish outfits.

What time of the year is it? It’s Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is a biannual event when designers show their collections for the season ahead. Fashion Week occurs not only in New York—designers also preview their fresh new designs in cities such as Paris and London. Normally, however, designers participate in Fashion Weeks that occur in their headquarters or home city, as a sign of support for their local economy and fellow retailers.

Shades On, Arms Crossed: The notorious Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Magazine, was spotted at the Calvin Klein Fashion Show with actress Sienna Miller giving a rather stern look. (Mike Coppola)

It first began in New York as “Press Week”, during 1943, the height of World War II. When the American media couldn’t travel to Paris where the most trendy shows were held, the American fashion industry decided to hold their own shows and show the world what New York was capable of.

The Original Fashion Week: A female model walks the runway during “Press Week” of 1943, organized by Eleanor Lambert. (The Smithsonian)

Now, New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated, renowned events in the world of fashion. This year, the NYFW Fall/Winter Collections for 2015 featured several new trends both in fashion and beauty—here are just a few of them.



1. From bright tangerine to deep sunset hues, several designers such as Victoria Beckham and Prabal Gurung featured orange in their looks, either with separates or with one-pieces, promising a colorful fall and winter season this year.

Cozy In Orange: A model walking for Prabal Gurung. (Fernanda Calfat)

2. Many embellished and intricately decorated pieces were seen coming down the runway during Fashion Week. Some brands like Reem Acra used minimal yet stunning embellishments, while others like Alice & Olivia went all-out and covered entire pieces with studs.

It’s All About The Details: A model walking for Reem Acra. // (Thomas Concordia)

3. This season displayed many looks that gained inspiration from the ‘70s, such as the bohemian vibe and flowy hemlines. Tory Burch featured cool yet casual separates with funky, earthen-colored geometric prints, while J.Crew paired a classic denim shirt with a full-length sequin skirt.

J. Crew - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
How Can She Pull That Off?: A model for J. Crew // (Randy Brooke)

4. Many designers made a plaid statement by using the print on trousers, coats, and separates, while adding a twist to the classic school-girl uniform. The brand Tommy Hilfiger made his use of plaid stand out by applying it as a colorblock on dresses and tops, while Marc by Marc Jacobs used the standard red with more contemporary colors such as pastel yellow and blue for lines.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
Boxy & Bold: A model walking for Tommy Hilfiger. (Randy Brooke, Getty)

5. Leather is always a hit for the colder months, but this time designers are taking a softer route and using the material suede, giving the look a warmer and more luxurious feel. Designer Jason Wu contrasted this rich and subdued material with more racy outfits like this low-cut and high-slit dress.

Jason Wu - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
Low Cut & High Slit: A model walking for Jason Wu (Thomas Concordia)


1. Many makeup artists featured sharp, graphic eyeliners at New York Fashion Week. Some brands like Anna Sui and Yigal Azrouël had minimal lines that highlighted the models’ facial features, while others like DKNY had bold, more eye-catching looks.

Minimal is More: This model for Anna Sui receives touch ups before her the show begins. (Gary Gershoff)

2. If the geometric eyeliner wasn’t wild enough, some models were also spotted with face embellishments during shows. Rodarte models had multiple fake piercings on each eyebrow, while Tommy Hilfiger models had more subtle face tattoos.

Creepy Or Cool?: A model for Rodarte bears multiple (but thankfully fake?) piercings on her eyebrows. (Imaxtree Images)

3. Shades of mauve and reddish-brown were spotted on models’ lips during shows. Donna Karan models wore the classic ‘90s brown lip, while Marc Jacobs took a more alternative route with a deep eggplant shade.

Marc Jacobs - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015
The Lip Factor: This brunette model for Marc Jacobs sports a lip color in a shade reminiscent of a deep plum as she poses for the camera before her show. (Jamie McCarthy)

4. A little sparkle on the eyes never hurt anybody. Models at the Rodarte show were treated to Swarovski embellishments right under their eyes, while those walking the Tadashi Shoji show had a more bold look, with flashy gold glitter on their eyelids.

Glitter & Gold: A model for Tadashi Shoji receives the finishing touches to her gold glitter eyeliner. Talk about detail! (Mike Coppola)

5. This season, designers favored the knot instead of the usual buns and braids. Some were bold and statement-making, like Carolina Herrera’s that were inspired by the sumo-wrestler style. More subtle and feminine knots were seen at the Zero + Marie Cornejo show.

As Pretty As A Wrestler: This model for Caroline Herrera sports the ‘sumo-wrestler bun’ as she struts down the runway. (Imaxtree Images)

But, this season’s New York Fashion Week also featured several new faces on the catwalk.

One of the new models seen was Molly Bair: a 17 year old American girl who before her life in the fashion world lived an ordinary life in suburban Philadelphia. Hard to miss with her tall height of 6”1 (184.5 cm), Bair is also known for her high cheekbones, intense blue eyes, symmetrical face and prominent ears, which give her a unique alienesque look. She has already walked for major designers like Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Prada; who knows where this young model will stand in the future?

New Kid On The Block: Molly Bair’s sky rocketing success in the modeling industry is mainly due to her unique look, a trait very much favored by the competitive world of modeling. Although a new comer, she’s already walked for prestigious designers such as Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang, and Alexander Wang. (The Society Management, Getty Images)

 Another rising young model is Lucky Blue Smith. At a height of 6”2 (187cm), this sixteen year old American is hard not to notice, especially with his shock of platinum blonde hair (a stark contrast from his previously dirty-blonde locks) and his phenomenal facial structure. He started his career at the age of 12, scouted by the Next Models management. His sisters Pyper America and Daisy Clementine also model, and the whole Smith family are in a surf-rock band named ‘The Atomies’. Whether in fashion or music, there’s no doubt that Lucky Blue has a successful path in front of him—and he’s just getting started.

The 16 Year Old Model Sensation: Yup. This stunning model is only sixteen. Named “Male Model of the Moment” by Teen Vogue, Smith also has an impressive half a million followers on Instagram drooling over his every update. He has walked for many prestigious designers such as Jeremy Scott, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Feragamo, and Tom Ford. (Aiden Wolf, Getty Images)

Overall, New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015 was a jumble of old and new: fresh modern trends were featured with a return of the 70s, and new faces joined the world of fashion. It’s not just about the clothes and the makeup; Fashion Week is a way of showing the world what the local designers can do, exploring cultural and social ideas, and celebrating the soon-to-come season. If that wasn’t enough for you, no worries! Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, and Milan are soon to happen, so stay tuned!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header: Getty Images