#KISRAK 2018

The annual KIS RAK week has returned, enlivening this stressful week back from break with all the random acts of kindness from students, teachers, and staff!

Kindness is a fundamental characteristic of good will in human nature that makes people feel happy and loved. Showing kindness, regardless of the magnitude of the act, is one of the best ways to positively influence people around you. Small acts that are habitual in your daily life are greatly appreciated by their recipients—simply giving a compliment or buying lunch for a friend would brighten their day.

RAK week is an NHS-led the event, in collaboration with Student Council, Tri-M, Blueprint, and many other clubs. 

“KISRAK (KIS random acts of kindness) is a week dedicated to showing inclusivity, spread warmth, and of course, to promote kindness. We should be kind at all times, but it is important to have a week devoted to kindness because it is a friendly reminder that anyone can easily brighten up another individual’s mood anytime by doing a simple act of kindness.” – Selena Kim (‘18)

It is difficult to show and appreciate the generosity when overwhelmed with stress and pressure, which is exactly the current mental state of students. The week back from Lunar break was rather aggravating with series of summative assignments, as well as multiple projects and loads of homework crammed in one day. Our KIS community as a whole definitely needed what RAK week is meant for—acts of kindness to cheer up everyone’s agitated mood.

Official event list of RAK week


Every morning during RAK week, hot cocoa and Vita500 were prepared by NHS and Student Council to make an energetic start to everyone’s day. Students, teachers, and staff members were spotted everywhere in school with a smile, sipping on their RAK week refreshments! Kind messages and compliments from students filled the hallways, reminding everyone of how much they are appreciated and loved in our KIS community.

“You’re amazing”, “You got this”, “Looking great today!”.


#RAK kind notes of encouragement and compliments on H3

All messages on notes around the school and on the whiteboard acted as self-esteem boosters, brightening everyone’s day with the warmth the messages held.

When someone received a random act of kindness, he/she did a random act of kindness to someone else, creating a cycle of generosity. The point was to appreciate such kindness and give back by further spreading it.

Numerous appreciation posts were uploaded on various social media platforms of chocolate provided by NHS, snacks given by fellow students, the artsy bumper stickers, and other random acts of kindness around the school. The bumper stickers were very popular, attracting everyone with their trendy design and cute messages of encouragement. Students stuck them onto their computers, bags, on their clothes, and on the back of their phones, having the message “stick around” throughout their entire day.


PC: JD Choi (’18)


The highlights of RAK week were surely the Sing-O-Gram hosted by Tri-M and the surprise dance performance from Blackout. The Sing-O-Gram was a sweet event for people to show their affection and appreciation for people that they care for, whether it be a friend, teacher, or someone you love. Everyone’s Monday was energized by the amazing dance performance by Blackout and as always, students were blown away by their moves.

Although KIS RAK week has come to an end, this does not mean the spread of kindness stops with it. The end of RAK week means that even more kindness should be seen in school because everyone has had a friendly reminder of how much positive influence a small act of kindness can bring. The benevolence of people should always be strongly encouraged, and also greatly appreciated at the same time—remember to do acts of kindness and to be thankful for the kindness that you receive.

– Sophie Yang (’21)

#KISRAK: A Week of Kindness

Free cookies, red carpet, hot packs, hot chocolates, balloons on the ceiling galore! #KISRAK has done it again.

Last week was #KISRAK week, which stands for “KIS Random Acts of Kindness”. The point of this week was to spread kindness around KIS, and many clubs participated by doing kind things that represented the purpose of their clubs. For example, National Honor Society (NHS) gave out hot packs in the mornings, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) handmade cards for random people, Student Council members passed around drinks to the cleaning crew, bus drivers, cafeteria crew, and security guards, Model United Nations (MUN) members gave out free hugs, and a lot more. The hallways were decorated with colorful balloons, red carpets, posters, etc. and there were many events in the cafeteria during lunch like flash mobs, free candy, and even hugs from our mascot Philbert.

Free Hugs!: Nadia Kim (’15) and Min Jee Moon (’17) pose for Joonyon Park (’15) with their toasty hot packs and adorable poster. // Justin Kwon (’16)

Many of the random acts of kindness were documented through photos on social media. KIS students posted pictures of nice things people did for them on Facebook and added the hashtag “#KISRAK”. This increased awareness of #KISRAK week and allowed students to thank each other for the kind actions. There was also a club selfie contest on Facebook. Each club that wanted to participate took a selfie and posted it with a kind message and “#KISRAK”. The winning club is to have a pizza party.

Goin’ All Out: The Student Council shows us what they’ve got — literally. // KIS Student Council (FB)

Big groups and clubs weren’t the only ones taking part in #KISRAK. Students individually did nice things for their friends and teachers as well. Throughout the week, there were bigger smiles and greetings and more “yes”s than “no”s. Students helped each other, gave each other more compliments, and there was more positivity in the school overall. Sydney Rich (9) said, “#KISRAK week was really uplifting to me.  It was nice that other people would do nice things for you… some people I didn’t even know did generous things for me.  Let’s do it again!”


Likewise, many students and staff enjoyed #KISRAK week and are looking forward to it next year.

– Minji Kim (’18)

Where is the Love?: An Article About Affection

Where is the love? Where is the affection? How do we find it? Is it even in KIS? Help us find out.

Is it truly Valentine’s week at KIS? Is it truly KISRAK week? It’s hard to believe so when – too often – the sight of sleep-deprived, brain-dead students milling around the campus is omnipresent during such a (supposedly) delightful holiday week. Too often the thought of affection is obscured by our other worries. How do we show our affection? How do we show our friends that we truly do care about them more than our APs and GPA? And more importantly, do we show it enough?

According to the wise words of Joonyon Park (’15),

“I simply believe the amount of time committed towards a person equates to the level of affection given. The more time you spend thinking, giving, and sharing with them, the more love there is between you and them. You start caring, together.”

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171703

‘Affection’ depends on the person. We all have our different ways of showing affection, ranging from sentimental to tear-jerking to quirky. Here are what some of the most affectionate people of KIS had to say about their charming and warm-hearted ways of showing affection:

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171657

“When I’m expressing care and love for my friends I hug them very often and literally tell them I love them on a daily basis. They tell me that I’m really annoying when I do that but I know they return the affection deep inside… at least I hope so.” – Sara Kim (’18)

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171707 Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171710

“I do things before they ask because I’d already have known exactly what they need/want. I’d carefully choose my words when talking to them to not hurt them in anyway. I’d look them in the eyes just to assure them that I am fully drawn into what they have to say.


– Olivia Kim (’16)

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171652

“To me it all starts with language. How do you show affection though language? How do you express your true feelings to someone, show your appreciation, show your love?

Small notes left behind, quick text messages sent, welcoming words at the door when the person you love arrives home.

Truly looking into a person’s eyes and telling them how much they mean to you, how much your life would be incomplete without them. How much happiness they bring to each day. How you can’t wait to have dinner together during breakfast, how you’re excited about the next trip together, how you love listening to their stories.

Then you hug, or kiss, or smell their hair. That’s affection.”

– Mr. van Moppes


Even the little things count…

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171718 Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171715

“I try to talk more with them… and if I really care about someone I will listen more carefully to their worries and problems.”

– Austin Kim (’16)

Evernote Camera Roll 20150211 171712

“I’m not good with mushy stuff so it’s generally trying to do little things that aren’t super sentimental but are thoughtful, like a good luck note before a dreaded test etc.”

– Stephanie Yang (’15)

In the end, it truly are the simple things that matter. The little pick-me-ups that help you get going- whether its a brief smile or a “good luck.” Affection reminds us that someone will always be by your side to help you carry on. Take some time this week (or really, any week) to really savor such moments, to truly show how much you care.

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